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12-year-old Attempts Suicide After Secret Gender Affirming Meetings With School Staff, Parents File a Lawsuit

12-year-old Attempts Suicide After Secret Gender Affirming Meetings With School Staff, Parents File a Lawsuit

By Joseph Gunderson and Timothy Benton

The Child and Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. (CPR-C) has announced it has filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of the Perez family after discovering their child; a 12-year-old girl allegedly had secret meetings with officials from Clay County Schools and Paterson Elementary in Florida, Breitbart reports.

Mr. and Mrs. Perez became aware of the secret meetings after being called to their daughter’s school on January 5. After being forced to wait for 20 minutes, they finally sat down with the principal, assistant principal, a police officer, and the school counselor and informed them their daughter had attempted to hang herself in the school bathroom. And that this was the second such incident in two days.

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The Perezes, shocked, asked why this happened. The school counselor responded that their daughter was experiencing a “gender identity issue[s]” and the family’s Catholic faith prevented her from speaking to her parents. The counselor, Destiney Washington, then informed the parents she “had been secretly meeting each week with the couple’s daughter – for three to four months–regarding the young girl’s gender confusion, all without informing her parents.”

When Mr. and Mrs. Perez pressed to know why they were not informed of the meetings, one administrator cited “confidentiality issues.” The “child’s confidentiality is protected from parents until she is determined to be a danger to herself or others.”

Regarding the incident, Mary McAlister, an attorney with CPR-C, said:

“Once again, we have Florida school officials usurping the rights of parents because school officials believe they are better equipped to raise children than are the child’s natural parents. Parental rights are amongst our most venerated constitutionally protected rights and are critical to the integrity of our public school system of education.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time schools have decided parents should take a back seat to school staff. Nor is it the first time a child so young has been indoctrinated into one of the Left’s favorite social causes.

CPR-C also put out a statement about this case in a press release saying:

“Endorsing a discordant gender identity in conflict with a child’s biological reality is a serious mental health decision that school personnel is neither competent, qualified, nor authorized to make. By its actions, the school’s personnel substituted their judgment for that of the parents and in doing so placed this child’s life at risk. School officials showed utter disregard for the rights and beliefs of the parents. The school’s clandestine and unauthorized actions deprived these parents of their right to be informed of what was going on with their daughter concerning a serious mental health issue and of their ability to provide their child with the mental health assistance she needed. In short, they deprived these parents of the right and ability to care for and protect their child.”

Clay County Schools responded by stating they believe CPR-C’s statement is “invalid.” But I’m not quick to trust anyone associated with public schools, especially when it comes to their propensity for pushing gender and sexuality indoctrination on young children.

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Notes from the Editor

I think where parents are having problems, and the administrators and teachers are failing to recognize, it is not the place of the schools to dictate morality, give gender ideological teachings that are prevalent with the Left and LGBTQ community today, that should be up to us to decide what should be and not be shown or taught to our children.

Until just a few years ago, this was never questioned; after the schools took out prayer, any religion being taught in schools, it was assumed that this was the purview of the parents, but now we are being told by some elements, this should be the schools and the government’s realm, not ours.

This also extends to all things progressive, with CRT being taught, even though the Left has denied it, they are more and more becoming not only more vocal in admitting this, they are openly attacking anyone who dares to disagree. This is why we saw last year where parents who did not find this teaching in step with their own were called domestic terrorists for daring to disagree with school administrators.

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Parents are finally getting fed up with this; the progressives continue to push this and now face backlash with the polling. With a record number of Democrats retiring, the Left is desperate to figure out how to raise their approval polling (17% and dropping, with the president continuing to fall under 35%); we are seeing the reaction of Americans to this.

We must realize that for the last 40 years, we gave away our rights to schools, no one challenged them, so the Progressives knew they had a place they could teach, in many cases indoctrinate, and there would be no challenges. Today, after the quarantine and virtual schooling, we woke up to what was being done as we witnessed our children’s education in front of us; many are demanding changes. But the progressive Left will not give up this control. No one does after being entrenched so long in power.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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