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13 dead, Over 20 Wounded Americans, Biden Admin blames Them For Their Own Deaths

13 dead, Over 20 Wounded Americans, Biden Admin blames Them For Their Own Deaths

With 13 of our soldiers dead, over 20 are wounded, is this administration looking to the safety of our troops and citizens? It turns out they are more interested in blaming Americans for being stranded than they are in going in and bringing them out safely.


We are about to answer the rhetorical question of 9/11 would have been like if people had Twitter back then. Today, there was a terror attack outside the Kabul airport. At least 40 dead, including 13 Marines. Details are still coming in. I’m assuming Joe Biden will attempt to string together sentences at some point today. For now, please enjoy this video from yesterday’s CBS Evening News. Where acting Ambassador to Afghanistan Ross Wilson blamed Americans for still being in Afghanistan.

Yet now the US is in a box they can’t seem to get out of, instead of saying that they will go after our citizens, telling the Taliban any attacks will result in reprisal attacks, Biden is doing nothing while our soldiers are dying, is now too busy to be bothered over our people stranded, is not saying one word about this.

The worst part is that this is a U.S. diplomat to Afghanistan, yet he blames people stranded rather than blaming where it lies with the Biden Administration.

This should come as no surprise; after all, he sat under Obama for 8 years and heard from the chief of passing the buck how it was Bush’s fault, the fault of racism, the fault of the GOP, everyone else’s fault but his own.

It turns out this is what we see furtherance of; rather than do something, they sit back and start the blame game. Meanwhile, he has his shills going on Twitter and other platforms trying to prove that this was not gross negligence, if not outright treason.


Meanwhile, people at high personal risk who helped us while we were in Afghanistan are suffering; the Taliban has cut off their access, maybe it is time to take over Kubal and tell the Taliban to go to hell, we will leave when we are finished.

We are witnessing a shameful fall of US foreign policy; compared to Biden, Carter is starting to look like an outstanding president, which is terrifying. I fear if we can handle four years of this ineptitude, do we as a nation have the strength to come out of it?

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