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1619 Project Creator: I Don’t ‘Understand This Idea That Parents Should Decide What’s Being Taught’ in School

1619 Project Creator: I Don’t ‘Understand This Idea That Parents Should Decide What’s Being Taught’ in School

Written by Kendall Tietz  and Timothy Benton

The creator of The New York Times’ 1619 Project said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday she doesn’t understand the argument “that parents should decide what’s being taught” to their children in school.

The 1619 Project was created by Nikole Hannah-Jones, a writer for The New York Times. It promotes the idea that America’s “true founding” occurred when slaves arrived in the Colonies, framing the country’s history around race and slavery.


“I don’t understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught,” Hannah-Jones said on “Meet the Press.”

“I’m not a professional educator. I don’t have a degree in social studies or science,” she said.

“We send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area, and that is not my job,” Hannah-Jones said.

During a September debate, Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said parents should not decide what schools teach their children.

“I’m not gonna let parents come into schools and take books out and make their own decisions,” McAuliffe said. “I stopped the bill that I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

McAuliffe, who was seeking a second term, also vetoed a bill that would have required school districts to warn parents about educational materials containing “sexually explicit” content and require teachers to provide replacement instructional materials for any student whose parent requested an alternative.

“When the governor or the candidate said that he didn’t think parents should be deciding what’s being taught in school, he was panned for that, but that’s just the fact,” Hannah-Jones said. “This is why we send our children to school and don’t homeschool, because these are the professional educators, who have the expertise to teach social studies, to teach history, to teach science, to teach literature, and I think we should leave that to the educators.”

Notes from the Editor

The difference in how the Progressive Left views schools and the Right view them is at odds.

The left sees schools as a means to indoctrinate our children, where we, the parents, should have no say over the curriculum; we should fall in line and let the state instill morals and ideology in our children. Academic achievement should never be a priority; doctrine takes precedence over all other preferences.

Conservatives and the rest of America feel that academic achievement should be contained to what we view as traditional subjects, such as Math, English, history, and dealing with the modern world, such as computer science or operations. Morals and political ideology should be left to the Parents; schools have no business teaching this.


We are at an impasse; this is every bit a war of ideas, where each one is unable or unwilling to accommodate the other. But make no mistake, the progressive left views this as an all-out war, one that needs to be won at all costs. We as parents need to look at it the same way, let it be known, we control through votes who administers schools, and thus demand that our goal is met, or we will vote in people that will do as we require.

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