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162 Democrats Refuse To Vote For Protecting Children From Antisemitism In Schools

162 Democrats Refuse To Vote For Protecting Children From Antisemitism In Schools

On Sept. 16, 162 Democrats, one Republican, and one Independent in the House of Representatives voted against an amendment to a bill that would designate antisemitism to be a form of discrimination included in the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act. Despite that opposition, the amendment passed, 255 to 164.

This is absolutely amazing to me, yet the liberal Jews keep supporting and explaining this type of behavior away. What is worse, they claim that Trump and the GOP are deeply anti-Semitic, yet it is the Democrats that turned their backs on Israel, that have supported people like AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, and their very anti-Semitic attacks. I am at the point of wondering if Hitler was on the Democrat ticket, would the Democrats keep screaming antisemitism and vote for him?

Republicans proposed adding the six-line amendment, to combat antisemitism, to the Democrat-backed bill H.R.2574. The Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act (H.R.2574) would permit private citizens to file lawsuits claiming disparate impact under the Civil Rights Act’s Title VI, focusing specifically on education programs.

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Effectively, this bill allows parties to sue any program receiving federal financial assistance if they suspect they are the victim of discriminatory practices or of practices that are formally neutral but adversely affect a protected class more than another class.

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Before this amendment, the protected classes were listed as “race, color, or national origin.” The Republicans proposed inserting, “In carrying out the responsibilities of the recipient under this title, the employee or employees designated under this section shall consider antisemitism to be discrimination based on race, color, or national origin as prohibited by this title.’’

“The amendment ensures that recipients of federal education funding act against anti-Semitism in our communities. The boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement on college campuses is one of the ways such discrimination is being displayed,” said Concerned Women for America (CWA).

“Most Republicans opposed the underlying bill [HR2574] for creating new federal government mandates in local education,” said the CWA. “But they used the opportunity to highlight their strong opposition to anti-Semitic activity and behaviors that discriminate against people of the Jewish faith to draw a clear contrast with Democrat members, putting many on record opposing a measure to combat anti-Semitism in education.”

Sadly this was rejected by 164 members of the house, including 70% of the Democratic members. What is even more shocking is this includes 13 of the 27 Jewish members of the House. Without any surprise, Ilhan Omar (who was voted as Antisemite of the Year in2019) and Rashida, both rejected this bill and voted against it.

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“We should use this opportunity to show commitment to combating antisemitism,” Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said, “With anti-Semitism on the rise around the world, the need for this amendment is clear.”

It turns out once more the Left has shown where their true allegiance lies, one has to wonder, why do my fellow Jews in this beautiful country of ours continue to support them?

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