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2020 Turning Into A Battle Of Billionaires

2020 Turning Into A Battle Of Billionaires

With the year almost done, billionaire leftists are moving to unseat the president, who is a billionaire. It doesn’t matter how they do this. People like George Soros, Bloomberg, and others are pumping hundreds of millions to fund campaigns to unseat him, not counting on the current impeachment effort to succeed.

Such an effort has been made in the past, but was behind the scene’s, today the hatred for Trump has brought this into the open, liberals from Newscasters to billionaires trying to unseat Trump are acting in the open, admitting what they are doing for all to see.

Bloomberg is now under fire for directing his news to ignore anything he has ever done but is in the next breath directing them to do nothing but dig into everything Trump.

Trump knew what they were doing, stripped all press passes from Bloomberg, said, due to their bias, they were not welcome at his events.

In response, Bloomberg News said it would cover but not investigate its boss, the former New York City mayor, and his Democratic rivals. But Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait said reporters would continue to investigate the Trump administration, as the sitting government.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale called it a troubling decision to “formalize preferential reporting policies.” He said Bloomberg reporters would no longer be credentialed to cover campaign events until the policy is rescinded.

“As President Trump’s campaign, we are accustomed to unfair reporting practices, but most news organizations don’t announce their biases so publicly,” Parscale said.

Into this is coming George Soros to aid in whatever way he can, he has not only set up a super PAC to aid the democrats, funding it with 5 million of his own money, he is continuing to pump millions into other groups like Planned parenthood.

This election looks like we will see record funds pumped into it, much of this will be from the traditional funding sources, but also expect to see with the different billionaires running for personal funds to be channeled in with amounts never seen before.

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With the third billionaire, Tom Steyer, who himself, as of last week, has put in more than any other candidate of his own money, to date, he has self-funded more than $54 million, and that figure is expected to rise.

Compare this with the money Trump put into his war chest in 2016, $66.1 million. He also finished the election with over $7.6 million in campaign funds. The real numbers were closer to $58 million, something that Bloomberg, as a new entry, is already over halfway there, Stein is only $4 million from the Trump figures.

Behind all of this sits Soros, he is not able to run but has no issue pumping in billions to get what he wants, thus the battle of billionaires is afoot.

Our elections used to be a competition of ideas, with the American people deciding which idea was the best. Today it is something far more, it is a campaign of billionaires set off to remove one of their own while jockeying to see who will replace him. Trump never came in with this intent, but the left has turned it into an election with money at its core.

We at this point can do nothing but hope that we, the American voters, are smart enough to see through this, sadly many will not.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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