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9th Circuit Court Rules Foreigners Outside of the US Have Constitutional Protection

9th Circuit Court Rules Foreigners Outside of the US Have Constitutional Protection

In a rather surprising ruling, the US 9th circuit court of appeals rules that a none citizen not living outside of the US is still afforded protection by the US Constitution, thus in one ruling did away with the presidency that has been in place since the beginning of this nation. Once more we see one of the most liberal and activist courts ruling along political grounds, thus endangering US citizen lives and tying the hands of Border Patrols and ICE across this nation.

The agent, Lonnie Swartz, is accused of killing 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez, who was on the street in Nogales, in the Mexican state of Sonora, just across the border from Nogales, Arizona. An autopsy showed the unarmed teen was hit 10 times, mostly from behind.

Swartz’s defense lawyers have said Elena Rodríguez threw rocks just before he was shot as an attempt to create a distraction for a drug smuggling attempt and that the officer was justified in using lethal force.

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This case was taken to court for 2nd-degree murder, the case did not succeed Swartz was exonerated. The current ruling came with the family after losing in the criminal court decided they should have a right to sue in federal court, something the courts have never allowed, the 9th circuit court of appeals decided to undo what has basically been hundreds of years of presidency and rulings and ruled in favor of the family whom are neither Americans nor have ever lived in America.

What this is basically doing is tying the hands of our border agents, if someone is attacking or shooting them from across the border, if they respond in any way, the attackers or their families will have the legal right to turn around and sue the border agents for damages.  It could turn out the same way with ICE, you come here illegally, they arrest illegals and ship them back, they can then turn around and sue the agents for daring to do their job.

Personally, I think this was more aimed with the political goal of tying up the hands of both Ice and the Border Patrol, once more what we have seen is the Judges in the 9th have more interest in trying to create legislation from the bench rather than applying the law as it should be. Maybe it is time to undo this useless court, it is obvious they aren’t interested in protecting Americans.

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