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Actress Kirstie Alley Slams CNN Reporter for Clear Trump Hatred

Actress Kirstie Alley Slams CNN Reporter for Clear Trump Hatred

Yes, I know that’s an older picture of Kirstie Alley. Try to move passed it.

Here’s what happened. CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins just couldn’t believe Donald Trump, who has COVID-19, would return to the White House and take off his mask. I guess Trump is supposed to have a mask surgically attached to his face. Also questioning what the heck the issue is here, actress Kirstie Alley, who, based on the following tweets, has had it up to here with media’s clear Trump hatred and would care for a little more media honesty.

I decided not to bleep out Kristie’s cuss words for the same reason I wouldn’t take chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies. If you’re all kinds of offended over these words, maybe you should go rage over a husband grabbing his wife’s boob.

Kirstie makes a decent point. Is there anything Trump could’ve done that would’ve spared him a media spanking? Methinks no. Trump could cuddle a puppy and shower it with crunchy biscuits and media would say he was smothering a dog, then have dog “experts” on a panel discussing how Trump’s puppy handling is a form of white supremacy and altogether harmful to the domesticated animal kingdom. You know it’s true.

Since I was on Alley’s Twitter timeline, I decided to scroll a little more.

Smacking around Maureen Dowd is good, sure. But how about Kirstie nailing The Hollywood Reporter for not reporting on Hollywood:

I don’t know. Maybe I want Kirstie Alley to moderate the next presidential debate. Sure, she’s colorful, but who cares. We’ve long since past the “but is this presidential decorum” stage in politics and elected a reality TV star to office. Let’s not pretend politics isn’t some form of entertainment. Just imagine Kristie telling Biden to can it while she lights a cigarette and tells me that’s not good television.

Joe Biden has a problem, open mouth inserts foot syndrome. He once more comes out and makes a terribly racist remark, the press, and left are rushing to dismiss and cover-up.
Trump is out of the hospital, Hollywood finds itself triggered with stars tweeting genocide, mass murderer, they go on the attack, how dare he get out.
The Proud Boys, who the left keeps attacking as a white nationalist group or white supremacist. Yet look at the group they are multicultural, vet out all racist.

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