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After refusing All Talks, Days Before Annexation Suddenly The Palestinian Authority wants To Talk

After refusing All Talks, Days Before Annexation Suddenly The Palestinian Authority wants To Talk

In a move that should no longer surprise us, the Palestinian Authority, which refused to engage in talks with Trump suddenly, just days before the annexation, they are ready for negotiations. Israel is not buying into this; it has been done in the past, the Palestinian Authority refuses all talks, just a day or two before Israel is set to set off and put in place what the Arabs refused to talk about they suddenly demand that they now sit down. Every time they walked away from the talks, the problem was the stalling move is to show the world that they were trying to talk, but Israel acted unilaterally without them.

What is more, what the Arabs under Abbas are offering is no different then what they had provided in the past, what they want to do is try to show Europe that they tried, those Israeli’s refused to budge.

The Palestinian Authority dispatched a letter on Monday addressed to the Quartet on the Middle East, stating that it’s prepared to renew negotiations with Israel and agree to “minor territorial exchanges.”

According to Jerusalem Post:

The Quartet on the Middle East, a foursome consisting of the United Nations, the US, Russia, and the European Union, involved mediating the Israeli–Palestinian peace process.

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According to Ynet News, the letter, which can be viewed as a response to President Donald Trump’s Peace Plan, states that the Palestinians are “prepared to renew direct talks” after those came to a stop back in 2014. Earlier this month, on June 9, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the PA had prepared a response document to the American proposal, but this is the first time the PA expressed willingness to negotiate with Israel, according to Ynet News directly

The PA also said that its counter-offer wouldn’t be relevant if Israel begins annexation “of any part of the Palestinian territory.” The letter sent to members of the Quartet states that “no one has a vested interest in reaching a peace agreement like the Palestinians, and no one has more to lose from lack of peace than the Palestinians.” The document details what the PA would be willing to accept in within the context of a peace agreement, noting that they are “willing to have a state with a limited amount of weapons and with a strong police force for maintaining law and order,” adding that they would accept an international entity, such as NATO, to receive a mandate from the UN for supervising the peace agreement, if and when it happens.

To simplify this, the Arabs, under Abbas, are saying they are willing to talk, but they demand that Israel be given a mandate dictated by the UN where they have to agree to negotiate in good faith. The problem with this is the PA is not now, nor have ever been read to talk in good faith.

They demand all their demands be met, and they give little or nothing, that is not the way negotiations work.

The Palestinian Authority has come out and said they would not accept the annexation of land in the Jordan Valley; any move will kill any chance of a peace process.

It is time to call this for what it is; it is not an offer in good faith, what it is is this, a delaying move to try to hold off all steps until after the American presidential elections. After refusing to budge, Kerry and others that if they wait, Trump would be gone, they have remained, and they no see both Trump and Israel are unwilling to wait for the outcome of the elections this fall are reacting in panic. Israel will start the annexation on July 1.

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