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Al Sharpton accuses Trump of ‘trying to make Black Lives Matter look like “hoodlums and thugs”‘

Al Sharpton accuses Trump of ‘trying to make Black Lives Matter look like “hoodlums and thugs”‘

Longtime hustler posing as a civil rights activist, Al Sharpton, has accused President Trump of making Black Lives Matter look bad, says he is “trying to make Black Lives Matter look like ‘hoodlums and thugs.'”

The 65-year-old host of MSNBC’s PoliticsNation denounced the president on Thursday afternoon as he pointed out the differences between Joe Biden and Trump’s visits to Kenosha, Wisconsin last month.

Al Sharpton, the 65-year-old host of MSNBC's PoliticsNation, denounced the president on Thursday afternoon

After Biden and Trump visited Kenosha in the wake of rioting following the shooting of Jacob Blake, after he threatened the police with a knife, then said he was going to get his gun out of his car.

The shooting gave Black Lives Matter an excuse to once more protest and riot, tearing apart their local communities (I have a feeling if a bird leaves droppings on a sidewalk, this will give them the same motivation).

Sharpton was having none of it, accused the president of “projecting those that are violent” and then continued, said, “he tries to act like Black Lives Matter, and Antifa is the same thing.”

While we understand that Antifa is a left-wing political protest movement, we know that Black Lives matter is one as well. Their two ideologies seem to meet here; both are EQUALLY guilty of or should have responsibility placed on their shoulders for the $1.5 billion of damages they have done to this nation so far.

The Black Lives Matter movement is the civil rights group that claims police brutality is shown when police dare respond to African Americans assaulting them, threatening to shoot them, after assaulting them.

“We had this big March on Saturday, tens of thousands of people, not one arrest, no violence, all of the families there, you didn’t hear one tweet from the president,” Sharpton said on MSNBC.

“[Trump] never mentioned it. Because he cannot afford to deal with it when he can’t make you look like hoodlums and thugs.

“How do you have a mass march of that size, less than a mile from where he was at and he never tweets one thing about it.

“Because he wants to project us as violent and out of control when we’re not that, and that’s what Joe Biden showed today by going to a family and going to church, talking to people. That’s who we are.”

Wrong, Mr. Sharpton, I will not call you a reverend; you are a farce. Black Lives Matter demand that blacks be given preferential treatment in the name of your social justice movement.

We are told when black men assault police, the police should have to sit there and take it. That is not equality; that is demanding privilege. When black men shoot at cops, they should wish them a good day and move on, or when they are so drunk they fall asleep in their car, the cops should send them home. Who cares if they crash into a family van full of children, to stop or dare arrest them is racist. Now that is demanding privilege.

Mr. Sharpton, Donald Trump is not trying to do anything, Black Lives Matter is a group of thugs, who violate the law, play fake victimization, they are the ones making themselves look like ‘hoodlums and thugs,’ not President Trump.

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