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Alyssa Milano Chirps at Ted Cruz Over COVID Aid, He Makes Her Regret It

Alyssa Milano Chirps at Ted Cruz Over COVID Aid, He Makes Her Regret It

People will learn tweeting snark at Ted Cruz never works out how they expect. Cruz is smarter than them and never doesn’t respond. Former actress and professional Twitter user Alyssa Milano should know that by now. Like the third season of “Who’s the Boss,” I feel like we’ve seen this before.

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Our story begins with Ted Cruz sharing a chart and a rather milquetoast tweet.

Point taken. Though I would prefer it if the GOP didn’t go the route of class warfare with “party of rich” and “middle class.” We are and should be the party for America. But that’s a 2021 argument. We’re here to make fun of a clueless actress. One who apparently missed Ted Cruz having this exact same conversation with Congresswoman AOC. Alyssa Milano chirped at Cruz about the COVID relief bill she claimed the GOP was holding up. “How can the GOP be the party of the middle class if they’re holding up all this aid to the middle class?”

Easily. Because as Ted Cruz points out, Democrats are the ones holding it up.

Alyssa Milano’s party is the one seemingly hell-bent on holding the middle class hostage. They could allow a vote on the Senate bill right now. Or more specifically, they could allow a vote to even open debate on the bill, which is what they’re blocking. The two sides can argue. The Senate can vote on a final bill. Then the House and Senate can negotiate a compromise. The middle class can get their COVID aid. Dogs and cats can play together. It’s the way America works.

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Milano should spend less time on Twitter and more time catching up on “Schoolhouse Rock.”

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  1. Маргарита

    No soul searching about the lack of evidence against Kavanaugh on Milano s part i see? What makes her think Biden is innocent but Kavanaugh is guilty?


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