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America Leading The Way, North Korea Threats

America Leading The Way, North Korea Threats

For years America was seen as the leader of the free world, the free world was following America’s lead, then came along Obama, pushed leading from the world, due to this the world became a much more dangerous place, now with Trump in office, we are once more leading the way. And North Korea is leading up the summit with demands to gauge the administration’s pressure they are putting on themselves to get this deal done, how the Administration reacts will determine what gets done.

Once More, The World Following America’s Lead

For years America was seen as the leader of the free world, nations were happy following America’s lead,  we set the pace and the rest of the world marched in step, but lately it has not been that way, culminating in the Obama Administration who decided the US should not lead, rather we should follow, and the world suffered for it. Trump is reversing that, while the world squawks, they are once more following America’s lead set out by our president.

We saw this with many yelling over him telling NATO that they need to start paying their fair share, sure nations like Germany, that are so blind to liberal ideology are going to fight against what Trump wanted, but even they are picking up their percentage of their GDP into defense spending, even though it is still not going to be enough. Six nations now have announced plans to increase spending to the required 2%; others are saying the demand is not fair, for it doesn’t take into account the amount spent. I would say that when the US foots 70% of the NATO bill, we aren’t in the mood of listening to someone who spends maybe 3 to 4% of the NATO funding griping over how much they spend, it’s a pittance to what we spend.

Now we see once more leadership being displayed and others following the US example and moving their embassies to Jerusalem, yesterday Guatemala transferred their embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, their president Jimmy Morales dedicated their new embassy on Wednesday just two days after the US embassy moved.  We see when acts by our nation are for a positive effect, regardless how some of our so-called allies are painting it; when America leads, the world will over time look to our leadership and start following America’s lead.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says it’s fitting since Guatemala also followed the U.S. to be the second country to recognize Israel 70 years ago.

“You were always among the first,” he said. “We remember our friends and Guatemala is our friend, then and now.”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte sent a message to Israel that he wanted to move his country’s embassy to the capital, according to Israeli sources another ten countries are now in talks to move their embassies to Jerusalem as well, the nations were not disclosed due to ongoing talks. It is nice after seeing the US with Obama trying to lead from behind once more taking the lead in world affairs.

The results of leading from behind were the rapid onset of the Arab spring, upsetting the balance of power, millions killed or wounded, millions more uprooted from their homes and fleeing violence that followed due to Obama’s inept policies, praising and supporting the Arab Spring rather than working against it, acting like it was a wonderful thing, watching groups like ISIS hijack the thing and spread terror in the Middle East and around the world.

Well, Obama and other liberal amateurs, we now have a vision, not ideology ruling the White House, I know the left hates this, when we lead others are happy to start following America’s lead, this is making America and the rest of the world great again!

North Korea Threatens to Cancel US Meeting

In a move that should not be surprising, North Korea is now posturing ahead of the meeting between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un according to Yonhap News; North Korea is trying to ratchet up demands as the summit nears.

They also have warned President Trump that he would be wise to not listen to his new hard-line national security adviser, John BoltonI don’t believe North Korea is planning on canceling their meeting, but think they are doing what they have always done, posture prior to any diplomatic event, this is not outside of what is expected.

They could cancel, I don’t think that is a big deal either, they will be pushing to gauge what is Trumps desire to get a deal done, if Trump caves in, they will then take it that he is more like Obama who was willing to give up all for the optics of signing a deal, even though the deal was terrible. I do believe President Trump will walk away before he gives in to any demands, if he does, it will not take long for North Korea to try to first bring another crisis to try to force the president to a negotiation table, if Trump holds firm, they will then see that he will not give in and return. 

We in American politics many time lose sight of the long view, we focus on what is now, rather then what is the motivation behind the act. This is how negotiations have gone on in that part of the world for years, many times powers to be reacted with instant hostilities, other times they held firm, each way had its merit, our nation, and its leaders would be well served to take a lesson from history here.


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