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Angry Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Hits Back When NYC BLM Leader Pulls “White Privilege” Card On Her

Angry Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Hits Back When NYC BLM Leader Pulls “White Privilege” Card On Her

Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Co-Founder Hawk Newsome appeared with Martha MacCallum of Fox News’ to discuss a spat he’s having with NYC’s Mayor-elect Adamas. The heated segment began with host Martha MacCallum sharing a clip of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Co-Founder Hawk Newsome making a threat over a plan by New York City’s incoming Mayor Eric Adams to put plainclothes police officers back on the streets in New York City where crime is running rampant. “There will be riots. There will be fire, and there will be bloodshed….” I am not threatening anyone; I am just saying that as a natural response to aggressive oppression, people will react,” the BLM leader warned.


NYC Mayor-elect Adams responded to Newsome’s dangerous rhetoric, “We’re not going to surrender to those who are saying, ‘We’re going to burn down New York.’ Not my city.”

“It’s about bringing back a sense of protection in our city and not the disorder we feel at this time,” Adams said. “We’re going to go after the violent crimes we’re witnessing, particularly the over-proliferation of handguns. I’m going to put in place an anti-gun unit, plainclothes, and we’re going to do precision policing and go after those gangs and gun users.”

The Blaze– Newsome claimed that Adams “does not have a plan.”

MacCallum interjected, “He does have a plan. He’s going to put the anti-crime unit police unit back on the street.”

Newsome defended his position by saying, “Crime isn’t just up in New York City. It’s up around the country, so what is he going to do that’s different other than talk?”

MacCallum pointed out that violent crime skyrocketed after the unit was disbanded and noted, “21 children have been killed in the streets of New York, mostly in gang violence,” citing a New York Post report from October.

Newsome responded, “Ok, there’s this thing called the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment protects us against illegal search and seizure.”

MacCallum was losing her patience with the arrogant, racist and disrespectful guest who continued to speak over her and ignore her requests to allow her to respond to his untrue statements. Newsome, whose “Critical Race Theory is American History”  message across the front of his sweatshirt, outs him as a person who pushes racism over truth, continues to bulldoze over the host. The last straw came when he told MacCallum that because of her “white privilege,” she had no right to talk about fixing crime in the city where she works every day.

“But see, you don’t know what it’s like, you don’t know what it’s like to be pulled over and thrown up against walls,” Newsome said, adding, “You live from a place of white privilege.”

“Come on, don’t throw that at me,” the Fox News host responded as she rolled her eyes in exasperation.

The BLM co-founder continued to be disrespectful to the Fox News host for the rest of the interview.


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Notes from the Editor

We have this supporter of domestic terrorism, Hawk Newsome, who falls back to the routine; when confronted with facts, he claims he is a victim of racism. When that is not seen to work, he falls back to the idiocy of white privilege.

He claimed that crime is up around the US, but there are two factors if you look at where crime has risen. First, the cities are run by Democrats. Second, they have moved to strip the police of their power or to defund and disband them; this is the reason there is a rise in crime, something neither Hawk Newsome, BLM, or the Democrats are willing to admit. Crime has risen due to Democrat policies and the move today by the Left to protect criminals at the expense of the real victims.


Hawk Newsome claims to be helping the black community; that is a lie. He is doing far more harm than good. This is nothing new; supporters of terror go around and do charity to show people the good they do while demanding they ignore the evilness of terror they are committing. Look to Hezbollah; they are a perfect example.

It is time to call out Hawk Newsome for what he is, a Domestic terrorist, and no one, including FOX, should give this fool the time of day; he is nothing but a race agitator.

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