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Another Night, More Riots, Either This Stops, Or this Nation Rises up In Civil war

Another Night, More Riots, Either This Stops, Or this Nation Rises up In Civil war

Another night of rioting, the people bused in are tearing up the cities, looting businesses, burning others to the ground, cities lie in taters, and what do the Democrats do? They bail the protesters out of jail, the ones arrested for rioting.

The fact that these protesters are being brought in shows this is much more than dealing with outrage over the death of George Floyd, this is organized and funded, and the actions are very much the intent of people who are behind the scenes calling the shots.

If you look at Saul Alinsky’s playbook, this is one of the things he has called for, social disorder, men like Soros are only too happy to fund this, using social upheaval to hopefully bring the government we have in place down, they then can replace our government with one that will not concern itself about our civil rights, instead to push socialist ideas.

Today’s big actors, like Soros, are using his handbook as a guide, they know the surest way to bring about change is to do it from within, something Soros and many of the power brokers for the Progressive Left aided in putting into office, then came Trump, tore apart everything they had put into place, they knew they had to remove him at all cost.

First, they set up the fake collusion story, decided if they couldn’t remove him, then tarnish his reputation, weaken his ability to act, what they did not plan on was that Trump would fight back and expose their actions.

The outbreak of the plague, then the fear that the restrictions were ending, the left knew they had to act, the worst thing that could happen is that Trump gets the country back on its feet and will once more deal defeat to the progressive left most carefully laid plans.

The death of George Floyd gave them the avenue they could use. They would use the feelings of victim-hood to make the youth along with the black community to rise. The press joined in yelling that this was due to discrimination, then repeated this over and over to cause masses in other cities to rise up and riot themselves.

This is escalating out of control, but make no mistake about this, this is not random, this is precisely what is wanted, this is going to be used as a means of trying to blame Trump, the left is willing to sacrifice lives and property to rid themselves of Trump if they lose a couple of people in the inner city, who cares, they are only a couple of votes, they know they could do whatever they want, the people will still vote for them. Remember, Biden and “If you don’t vote for me, you aren’t black?”

The democrats and left are now worried, what they wanted to start was an organized resistance, this is not that, this is criminal, thugs are now running the shop, the left now is desperate with their control is taken away. This is why they have called up the guard, they know they must put a stop to this or the visual will be lost, all they will have left is disgust for the people that set this up.

But what if it doesn’t stop? Will store owners start arming guards at night to protect their stores, what happens when a large mob attacks a store set up with people ready to use force to protect their property? If there is a slaughter, how do you think these cities are going to react then?

This will only lead to more violence. At that point, there is not much of a spark that is needed to push this brush fire into a full raging inferno. Thus we are left with a civil war on our hands.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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