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Another Shooting, The Left Responds In The Usual Way

Another Shooting, The Left Responds In The Usual Way

Sadly, yesterday as the people in the Poway Synagogue in San Diego, as they were celebrating the last day of Passover, a gunman came into the synagogue and started shooting at the people within.

This synagogue, in tradition, had invited the community in to worship with them on the last day of Passover, it so happened that a border patrol agent took up this offer, when the gunman started shooting, he shot back with his weapon, the gunman, then being the coward these people all are, took off running.

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Who was the shooter, I think the press is doing the right thing on generically mentioning him, does not deserve his 5 minutes of fame, it tends to bring too many copy cats out of the swamp, I will follow this example and will not give his name, he does not deserve to be known.

We do know that he was an avowed racist who openly stated he hated Trump and the GOP, he blamed the problems on the world on ‘Cultural Marxism’ a buzzword by many in the extreme right and left, groups with ties to white supremacy. Cultural Marxism is seen as a Jewish conspiracy to try to push their Marxist ideology on the world. I love the idiocy of this claim, it comes from the claim that all the Bolsheviks were Jews, could not be further from the truth, at its height, Russian Bolsheviks had less than 7% of their party Jews, many were fleeing and joined due to the Czarist persecution.

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Run into this all the time when I am dealing with Quora, love to educate there, but you always have the fool that wants to use this as an excuse of their hatred. This is the same complaint you hear with the Jews control all the money because there are some Jews that happen to work in the Fed, naturally, we are accused of controlling the press, Congress and all politicians. Seems like Germany’s fascist taught these people well, all that is wrong, blame it on the Jews, never look within, that would force you to be honest.

I had someone ask yesterday if I fear this type of thing, should all Jews run to Israel because of these shooters, told them no. I don’t like this, but if you look at the attacks in the US, they are far less common then what is experienced in Israel. But there is something that causes me to worry.

In the US we have seen the GOP slide over towards supporting Israel, it is justifiable to say that under Trump we have seen the best relation with Israel that has ever existed. This is just the opposite of what we saw with Obama, who if he could have would have severed all ties, instead worked to stab Israel in the back as he was leaving the office.

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We have since then seen the likes of Ilhan who openly attacks Israel, shows her anti-semitic bent, the Democrat leaders act suitably shocked, then water down any condemnation until it means nothing. She is supported by the likes of her other rabid anti-Semitic Friend, Rashida Tlaib, who also supports terrorist groups.

It is this that worries me, not the lone wolf shooter, these people have the means to draw in hundreds of thousands, even millions behind them as they spew out their anti-semitic garbage. Today groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, go to any college campus, you see anti-Semitism is on the rise as liberal professors are teaching nothing different then what was taught in the 1930s, this is what worries me, it is something we all need to take a stand against, or things are going to get much worse.

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