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Anti-CRT School Board Candidates Won Big On Election Night

Anti-CRT School Board Candidates Won Big On Election Night

The election of Republican Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia Tuesday night was the shot heard around the country as Republicans knocked off Democrats at both local and states levels of government all over the nation.

A focus of not just the Virginia governor’s race centered around education – what teachers are teaching and what role parents should have. Opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) featured in the Virginia race and school board races across the country.


Opponents of CRT came up big on election night, and a new political action committee dedicated to such elections notched a victory in 75% of 58 school board races they ran in seven states. The 1776 Project PAC proved to be a considerable force.

The late Andrew Breitbart once said, “politics is downstream from culture,” and it appears that Republicans are starting to figure that out.

The founder of the 1776 Project PAC, Ryan Girdusky, told Axios, “My PAC is campaigning on behalf of everyday moms and dads who want to have better access to their children’s education.”

Parents Asking ‘Could It Happen Here?’

According to the Axios report, school officials everywhere say they are “concerned” about “misinformation” being circulated about what is being taught in the nation’s public schools.

At least where Virginia is concerned, however, there have been widespread reports of media pundits claiming that parents are not seeing what they think they are and that CRT is not being taught. 

Opponents of CRT argue that it’s a semantic ploy – that supporters of CRT are playing a word game to teach the principles and subjects of CRT without explicitly calling it such.

And while school boards may be picking up conservative candidates in pretty red places like Kansas, candidates are not just winning in red states. Conservative candidates won in somewhat blue spots on Tuesday, including Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and Passaic County, New Jersey.

What Spurred Parents To Action

Those who have followed parents’ reactions at school board meetings have pointed to several factors that have awakened a sleeping giant. In Virginia, it was no doubt former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s statement during a debate with Glenn Youngkin that, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

For millions of other parents around the nation, the final straw was most likely U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland mobilizing the FBI and local prosecutors to cooperate with local officials to target parents who may be seen as “posing a threat” by simply speaking up at a school board meetings about the teaching of CRT or mask mandates.

Education may be the winning formula for Republicans in 2022 and beyond. A national GOP strategist also told Axios that the issue of education “seems to be trending in our direction, whether it’s school lockdowns, curriculum or critical race theory.”

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Notes from the Editor

For the last two years, the Left has told us that we should have no say in whom we entrust our children; they openly have told us they will usurp our authority and put their morals and ideas into our youth.


This has not been a welcome message to parents; school board meetings have turned into shouting matches where parents are having none of it. To respond, the Left has told us that we, the parents, are no different than the Taliban. How dare we question what our children are taught.

It turns out there is a remedy; we as Americans have exercised that right at the election booth, the people telling us this are not finding themselves out of power.

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