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Antifa Decides To Fight Violent Biker Gang, Loses Badly With Wounded And One Dead In Portland

Antifa Decides To Fight Violent Biker Gang, Loses Badly With Wounded And One Dead In Portland

It seems as of late the police have dealt with Antifa; their hands are tied, there is little they can do. Feeling empowered, Antifa then decided to go against a notoriously violent biker gang in Portland, the Gypsy Jokers, quickly found out that their hands were not tied, a lesson I doubt they will forget.

Groups like this are cowards; they know where they can go and intimidate and bully; they also just found out the very hard way, where they can’t.


Gunfire erupted when violent Antifa militants appeared to have picked a fight with a notorious Portland, Ore. area biker gang.

Antifa lost.

At least one person ended up dead, and five others were injured in Portland Saturday night.

Portland Police are still sorting things out, but what we know is that police were called on Saturday night shortly after 8 p.m to a disturbance that quickly escalated into gunfire.

Portland Police said, “this incident started with a confrontation between an armed homeowner and armed protesters.”

Maybe Antifa never got the memo; if you go onto someone’s property and are armed, they can and, in this case, will respond with violent force when you threaten them.

As Portland Police Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Sheppard attempted to update the media on the shooting melee in Northeast Portland, two known Antifa militants took over the news conference, commandeered the microphones, and began blaming the police for failing to do their jobs to protect them.

According to Antifa protesters who took over the presser, identified by the Post Millennial as “Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira,” the previous night, their comrades had confronted members of the notorious Portland area biker gang the Gypsy Jokers. Police say at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

Nolan, who appeared to have trouble breathing, said the Portland Police Bureau’s fault was when a woman died in the shooting melee, and five others were wounded.

“They are sending Gypsy Jokers to kidnap us,” she breathlessly announced. She pointed to Lt. Sheppard and accused the police of encouraging the violence against Antifa, saying, “they are sanctioning this violence against us. We are dying. We are trying to protest peacefully, and they are killing us. And I want to know if any of you care. I want to know if Ted Wheeler cares.” See the video below.

She indicated why they took over the news conference by admitting “we are not going to let them capture the narrative and lie,” as she pointed to the police.

At this point, I think the police showed too much restraint; I would have pointed back and asked her why she thought we, the police, should help? I would have then offered up the number to a crack house. She and Antifa were demanding a disbanding of the police, but now that they are suffering consequences for their actions, they demand the police, the very ones they are attacking, step in to defend her?

I would have also arrested her and her friends for disorderly conduct for interrupting a press event.

The violent, childish Antifa came up against a notorious, violent biker gang, which, unlike police, will fight back.

Antifa 0, Gypsy Jokers 1.

Here’s a look at the hijacked presser. LANGUAGE WARNING:

I am usually not a supporter of violent, drug-dealing biker gangs, but maybe this once, while not supporting them, I do find a certain amount of respect for them in that in confronting them, Antifa quickly found out that if you pull the tail of the tiger, it will turn back on your and attack.


Who knows, maybe we need to invite more biker gangs to Portland, would take care of this problem in a hurry.

I was taught not to take joy in another’s misfortune; I think this time I will make an exception to this.

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