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AOC Attacks CBP After Visit, Narrative And Facts On The Ground Don’t Match Up

AOC Attacks CBP After Visit, Narrative And Facts On The Ground Don’t Match Up

Yesterday we saw a storm of tweets from AOC, all attacking the Trump administration and the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). This immediately came under question; we were left with the question of how much of this was real, how much was theater?

It turns out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to be the gift that keeps giving to the Republicans. At this point, I am wondering if they need to do anything, or stay home and let her alienate the whole nation. In the latest, she claims to have visited a US Customs and Border facility in El Paso, TX but turns out the question of where she went and what she saw is questioned.

After her visit to the facility she took to Twitter, then the allegations started.

She started by alleging that CBP agents, knowing they were being watched, and would have everything reported on, sexually and physically threatened her, yet for some odd reason there is no record of this. If she is going to make accusations that are as serious as this, one has to ask, “Where are her witnesses? It turns out we have heard this tactic being used in the past with the left, when all else fails, lie your head off, who cares who is hurt in the process.

Her next tweet claimed that CBP agents, once more knowing she was there, were forcing women to drink out of the toilet.

I must say, is anyone stupid enough to believe this? Let’s for a moment assume that CBP agents are worse than the Nazi SS Guards in the second world war, they are openly torturing and doing such things to people, why hasn’t there been a peep about this before? Instead, you have people go in and visit the sites, find just the opposite, is this some big conspiracy?

And what type of stupid does she think these guards are if they were doing this sort of thing, would they be dumb enough to do so in front of AOC, knowing she is a radical leftist bent on opening our borders, one who cares more for illegal aliens then her constituents? This whole thing reeks of desperation.

She went on to claim she some workers laughing. Oh no, stop the press, guess now if you are working in such places you must go around with a scowl on your face and be permanently angry, how dare they smile and laugh.

AOC, what were they laughing at? I would laugh if I saw you acting like this, would remind me of my child when he was two, was too stupid to know better. She does not hear anything; she sees someone laughing, like someone with paranoid delusions knows they just must be laughing at her.

Then there is the question about the “toilets,” are they these toilets that are commonly used in detention centers? Could this be what the woman was talking about? And when did she speak to anyone? The guards and witnesses said she refused to tour the site, instead sat and screamed at the people working there.

One has to wonder, does she know what the word “potable” means? Maybe it is a new brand of potatoes for her?  I know it is a big word AOC, but all this means is the water is safe for people to drink.

We have to wonder further, threatening a congressional person is a federal crime, why were no charges filed, what were the badge numbers of the people “supposedly” doing this, why were there no witnesses AOC? This, to me, reeks of a bad acting job, nothing more, something she doesn’t seem to be very good at.

The larger question is, did she even go inside the facility, she went to the entrance, caused a big scene, but there is a dispute if she proceeded beyond that, so how could she have spoken to anyone, or are these just second-hand stories?

Could it be possible that she never went inside? It is possible, we now know of her photo op where she went to an empty parking lot, screamed and cried at a fence, one that was later photoshopped to be made to look like a fence around a holding facility, seems this is within her M.O.

We do know at this point that she is a liar, she has been caught now numerous times making things up, trying to attack the Trump family, comparing these camps to German Nazi camps, then when caught tried to peddle back. But if this was not her intent, then why did she specify German Nazi Soldiers?

Congressional members, nor are they going to threaten someone while giving a public tour of a facility. Only a partisan so engulfed in AOC’s cult of personality could think those things happened. Of course, there are plenty of those on Twitter defending her right now.

See the source image

As was stated by Red State:

I’ll also point out that her claims are perfectly timed with the release of a ProPublica report that claims to have found a “secret” racist Facebook group containing 9,500 CBP agents. In reality, they’ve managed to confirm three, yes only three, people in the group work for CBP. The narrative is now spreading far and wide that half the CBP workforce of 20,000 people are in a Facebook group making jokes about dead migrants.

It may be added that the group does not contain 9,500 agents, it is an open group, where agents, families, ex-agents, and civilians can join, it turns out no one was able to show if the people remarking were agents or civilians that are part of the group.

I run into this all the time with my site; people come online, make up terrible stuff, this does not represent me, as a rule, I reject it, but feel that the need to censor is simply not there, let the people decide what is good or bad. To blame me for what someone not associated with me, who doesn’t speak for me in any way is just stupid.

To think that half the workforce has joined this group, the odds of that are so high as to be impossible, yet the narrative, not the truth is all that matters.

At this point, I question the whole narrative; it seems the left is going full crazy. The truth no longer matters to them, only the perception of truth, if they can turn heads by a lie, they can always apologize later, the damage has been done.

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This attack on our men and women, who put their personal safety at risk to keep our nation safe needs to stop, once more we see the left willing to sacrifice the career and lives of men who give much to this country over a political narrative.

AOC, you and the Democrats want to scream about the conditions of the facilities, yet you are the ones that refuse to fund them, refuse to do anything to stop the flow of borders, I would say that you and your friends are the cause of this rise, not Trump. You control the purse, it is time to act.

I, for one, am tired of this, I will take with a grain of salt anything I hear from the left unless I see actual evidence, it should be dismissed as another lie.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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