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AOC Attacks The Supreme Court, Gets Slapped down In the Most Brutal Way

AOC Attacks The Supreme Court, Gets Slapped down In the Most Brutal Way

AOC’s Attempt to Attack Supreme Court Over Abortion Case Crashes and Burns When Biden Accuser Steps In

Poor AOC, she must have thought this would be a direct attack; one should quickly gain some points.

In what is not surprising, the self-righteous, shrill, who loves to act like she is the moral voice of the DNC, decided this was the perfect opportunity to attack the court and say that some justices have no right to rule on Roe v Wade, such as Kavanaugh, as she tried to bring up discredited accusations.


“Yet the court is letting him decide on whether to legalize forced birth in the US. No recusal.”

It seems she thinks she has a right to dictate what supreme court justice can decide on a case and which one can’t.

She does not stop with the discredited accusations. Still, She then tries to go into the Democrat talking points, which has zero bases in truth, that somehow Trump tried to set up an insurrection, so any justice he appointed should be disqualified. Amazing, even the Justice Department came out and said there was no evidence there was an insurrection, but the Left keeps trying to beat this dead dog.

What gets me is how she lies her head off; she knows that there are no credible accusations against Kavanaugh. If there were, there would have been charges. Instead, we have a woman who said something happened but could not find anyone that would collaborate her story, And this does not even bring into account the other accusers whose stories were so out there they couldn’t get anyone to follow their rapidly changing stories, all coming through a now-discredited attorney who has had to do a term in the local jail.

Her Tweet came under instant attack:

Then came the killer blow, but a most unexpected source, Tara Read.

Reade, who in 2019 accused now-President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her back in 1993, when she was an aide in his Senate office, pointed out that virtually everything AOC spuriously claimed about Kavanaugh could be said about Biden — with the difference being Biden was given a pass by the government, the media, and his own political party.

“Agreed @AOC,” Reade wrote. “Remember that Biden *still*remains credibly accused of sexual assault (by me) & sexual harassment on multiple accounts (8) w/corroborated details and he was never investigated yet he is POTUS. Thank you for believing all survivors regardless of political affiliation

We are not saying Biden is guilty, we aren’t part of ‘Me Too,” but we ask that equal application of what is viable be applied to all. I remember Alyssa Milano, who said all accusers should be heard? Then said we should ignore Tara Read, it was far more important to rid ourselves of Trump than give her accusation the time of day?

Here she is called out by a person that is not on the conservative side, rather who is disgusted by her hypocrisy.

What is interesting, YouTube, because this video dared to call Milano’s hypocrisy demonetized the content.

Yet none of this matters to the left, woman’s rights, the ‘MeToo’ movement will be ignored, all in the all-important move to protect abortion and Roe v Wade.

In the words best put forward by

What’s important here is that Reade’s post makes it clear just how rabid, viciously partisan, and dishonest the modern left actually is — as personified by the photogenic AOC, her liberal squadmates, and the mainstream media that worked with them to try to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

For AOC, a tweet smearing Kavanaugh once again probably looked like an easy line of attack to rally supporters for a nonexistent constitutional “right” to abortion that was created by a previous Supreme Court.

Instead, she just left herself open to being proven a dishonest fool. And every one of her supporters, too.


I leave this book with a parable from the book Conversations with an Angel: The Watchers, which was dealing with the topic of abortion:

A child comes running to her mother and says,
“Mommy, I put my hand on the stove and burned it. It hurts, fix it please!!”
The mother says, “Honey, I told you if you touched the stove it would burn you, I can’t fix it, you will have to deal with the pain, and have a scar because you didn’t listen. Remember, there is always a consequence to your actions”.
A couple of days later the mother comes up to the child and tells her, “Honey, mommy has to go to the hospital to see the doctor”. The child quite concerned asked if she was all right, the mom states,’ yes, she’s ok; it’s just that she has gotten pregnant and didn’t want to be’.
The child asks, “Mom, did you do something to get pregnant”? Of course, the mother answered yes, but it was her right to terminate the pregnancy. To this, the child told her mom, “I can’t wait to become an adult, because then I won’t have to pay for all my actions”!

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