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AOC Now Thinks She Is A Biologist And Can Write The Laws Of Science Over Who Is A Woman

AOC Now Thinks She Is A Biologist And Can Write The Laws Of Science Over Who Is A Woman

When you are a far-Left Democrat, not only do you think you know everything, but you have the right to overnight the laws of science, lecturing biologists over what is a woman or not. Case in point: AOC.

This brought instant reaction; not only is the claim ridiculous, but it has no basis in facts.

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I have asked for months now, “If you can change your biological sex by thought or willpower, why aren’t we making this same claim with cats and dogs, pigs and monkeys?

We are told that biology is transphobic because it does not address this, but the reality is you are not a female; even if you mutilate your genitals until they look like a female, you are still a male down to the very cells in your body, all of them show you are a male. But we are told this is not the case because biology will not bend to the will of these activists, then maybe the problem is biology.

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We find quickly, even though the Left loves to accuse conservatives or anyone who does not agree with them of being anti-science, they are the worst offenders of this. Even in colleges now, they are trying to rewrite the laws of science to meet the demands of the activist. This is not how science works.

They also excel at trying to connect two completely different things that have no connection. What do corporations and sexuality have to do with each other? Then in a typical manner, they try to make an argument by claiming they do; this is known as a Logical Fallacy, the two have no relation to each other, but they are thrown together to try to justify one’s stance.

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