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AOC & Pressley Offer To Help With Bail Of Violent Attackers At Straight Pride Parade

AOC & Pressley Offer To Help With Bail Of Violent Attackers At Straight Pride Parade

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and fellow member of “the Squad” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. have come out and after counter-protesters were arrested for attacking members of the straight pride parade, they are now offering to aid in paying for their bail, I have to ask, where is the outrage we saw over this as we saw over Trump offering to aid in the bail of someone shutting up protestors at his rally?

Are we now hearing from the left that they are openly moving from a passive acceptance to more overt support of Antifa and other violent counter-protestors, that people marching peacefully have the right to be attacked if their beliefs are not in line with the Democratic way?

Image result for Antifa attacking peaceful marchers

Why are we seeing not only double standards but people like these two seem justified in doing so?

What is more, AOC posted this tweet, saying that there was a lack of attracting women to the event, seems she took a video that showed a few in the beginning, then as the video rolls on you see more and more, the only time you had little women in the video was in the beginning, the ones leading in the front were males, guess she did not watch the whole video she tweeted.

Now I have no problem with gay people, in fact like all free speech events, support their right to march in gay pride parades, that is what free speech is about. But this is not the Democrat way, they only favor free speech when it is in agreement with them, you have something outside of this agreement, they attack and try to silence speech they don’t agree with.

Further, what exactly is the problem here, what was so offensive about people being proud of being straight? After all, if not for straight people, most of us would not be here today, but that does not matter to the left.

The left today is for ripping away from the normal social fabric, to remake it in the image they see fit. They want to do away with the family unit, the traditional mother, father, and two or three kids, they want to have a father and father, a child that is adopted, and hopefully, not of other father, that is what they see as bliss.

Morals are old outdated things to them, no longer do we have a moral fabric we have to uphold to keep our society just, instead tell people to do as they please, make sure that others pay if they dare to hold a different set of morals then you.

We see now heterosexuality rejected, homosexuality as seen as the only choice, although most don’t mind if you flip and flop more then a fish out of the water on this, so long as you are okay with forcing your sexuality on everyone else.

G-d, faith, religious affiliation is a thing to be looked down on, we are accused of forcing our belief on everyone else, but then they do exactly what they are accusing the other side of doing.


AOC, I have a question for you, if the rolls would have been reversed, there was a gay pride parade, and a bunch of straight people, say a group like the Proud Boys, attacked this parade, threw bottles and rocks at them, would you have stood up for their right to attack? Or is it only OK with you divisive Democrats when it is only one side doing this?

I am a conservative, I support 100% for gay people and straight people to march, so long as they are doing so peacefully, why is it you demand acceptance of me on the one, then reject any support of the other? AOC, you, Ayanna Pressley, and the Democrat party have shown their true colors; you are nothing but hypocrites.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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