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AOC thinks Crashed Oil Prices should Bring in Green New Deal

AOC thinks Crashed Oil Prices should Bring in Green New Deal

Yesterday AOC tweeted her joy that our energy sector was failing said that the record low, the only time in history oil futures have traded in the negative, this should give rise to the need to push her Green New Deal. Democrats never wish to let a crises go to waste quickly jumped on this, but the way they are doing it shows the absolute stupidity of the people leading this charge.

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Nothing else has exposed the demented attitude of the far left as this COVID-19 outbreak has. They have not even bothered to try to move with stealth; instead, they are pushing boldly and openly to shove their socialist agenda down our throats. What is worse, they are threatening to hold up aid, put businesses that are the point of failure at risk to force their agenda, and they seem not to care who knows it.

The worst part, this is nothing new for AOC and her cronies, they celebrated kicking Amazon out of New York, that thousands of jobs were not filled. Working is not what AOC and her friends want; they want Americans out of work and dependent on the government. They know people in this place are more willing to vote as she desires.

The press happily goes along with this. We have endless programming where we are shown people in masks; cities are dead; we are told the only way to save this nation is to accept socialism. The press, at this point, is not misinformed, they are the enemy, should be viewed as such; their goal is to destroy the American way of life, their tool to achieve this, massive amounts of misinformation.

The problem is that half of us Americans are smarter then this, when told our nation is suffering, that we should get rid of infrastructure and rebuild in the Green Image, thus destroying what we have now, we don’t want it, AOC could not even get her colleges to vote for this.

What is more, when gas in most places is less than a dollar a gallon, the least it has been in years. The price is falling, running out to spend double the money for a green car makes no fiscal sense, but this is lost on the delusional left, they are so indoctrinated with their ideals, they see what is not an opportunity as one.

In the end, even AOC knew this was a step too far. She rushed to erase the post listed above, thankfully many have screen captures of it, not that she corrected with anything better.

This shows her total ignorance of the economy. Our fossil fuel dependency was not on a decline, the stay at home orders means no one can get out. Thus we are stuck at home; no one is using fuel, there is no place to go.

I heard Ben Shapiro talk regarding this, have to say I agree with him. I think Boston College, where she went for an economics degree, they should have to refund the money she paid for an education. She is 100% clueless about the economy, what is worse, she is in congress where she is trying to direct it.

“I’m not gonna sugarcoat this,” Shapiro went on. “Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has the IQ of a Kumquat. Maybe a loquat on the upper end. She is just an idiot.”

“You absolutely love to see it,” Ocasio-Cortez’s since-deleted tweet read in response to a post which stated: “Oil prices now at ‘negative values.'”

“This along with record low-interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*,” she continued.

The response to this and other posts she put out was no better, this sums up very well how people felt.


I’m sorry, this is so bad, but it had me laughing so hard I had to share it with all of you.

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