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AOC Tried Accusing Ted Cruz of ‘White Supremacy,’ but He Hit Back HARD

AOC Tried Accusing Ted Cruz of ‘White Supremacy,’ but He Hit Back HARD

I present to you a story in three parts, featuring our two favorite topics to write about (albeit for different reasons): Senator Ted Cruz and Congressperson AOC. We start with this Ted Cruz photoshop that I’m sure some idiot fact-checked as manipulated media. It’s a serious point, but it’s silly and is meant to be taken as silly.

Congressperson AOC tried being witty, with this response that I think is what the kids call a clapback.

Ted Cruz responded with what adults call a clapback. Or what adults would call a clapback if adults spoke like that.

To be clear, the Proud Boys are NOT white supremacists. I don’t have a strong opinion on them one way or another, but words still need to mean things. Especially as leftists use “white supremacy” to describe anyone they don’t like. Shockingly, that’s not always limited to just white people they don’t like. Also, Ted Cruz is Cuban.

But this is the scam. Antifa riots, burns buildings, and terrorizes people. The Proud Boys show up to fight back. Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) expect Republicans to denounce the Proud Boys while also claiming that Antifa doesn’t actually exist, even though we’re expected to denounce the Proud Boys when they are LITERALLY FIGHTING BACK AGAINST ANTIFA.

This is why the right doesn’t play the denouncey mcdenounceface game. Leftist get to make hateful, anti-Semitic, various -ist and -ism comments with impunity. Their supporters can break the law, violently assault people, and cause billions of dollars of private property damage, yet we aren’t even so much as expected to answer “what’s up with that?” Yet someone presumed to be on the right fights backs, or even just shows up with a sign, and the world needs to stop until everyone with an (R-state) after their names denounces. The denounces again. Then denounces a third time.

The day Joe Biden gets shown a video of one of his (presumed) supporters dragging someone out of their car and beating them or yelling violent threats at female and black police officers and is asked to respond, I’ll get up and do a dance.

With Trump announcing he and his wife have COVID the left wasted no time before going on the attack, some even wishing him dead.
Donald and Melania Trump test positive for COVID, both have gone into quarantine, but Trump remains active as President.
Trump’s exposing Critical Race Theory was the best moment of the whole Debate. Calling out this unpatriotic and deeply racist theory should be exposed for all to see.

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