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AOC’s Excuse for Bernie Failing in the Primary Is Funny [VIDEO]

AOC’s Excuse for Bernie Failing in the Primary Is Funny [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders, after starting off the primary season going 3-0, managed to blow the lead to Joe Biden, who lately is lucky if he remembers his pants. Blame the olds for not believing the children are our future. Blame Bernie for being an unlikable prick (see Polls Show that People in Florida Really Hate Bernie Sanders and Bernie HATES Middle Class Americans. Here’s Why…). Or you can pull an AOC and just fall back on one of your usual excuses.


Well, I think one thing that isn’t being talked about is the rampant voter suppression in this country. Right there in Ann Arbor, where we had that rally, those kids were waiting three hours in line to vote in Michigan. And so when we talk about who’s turning out and who’s not turning out, we absolutely —.

Um, Biden won by over 250,000 votes. Turnout was higher then it was in 2016, when Bernie destroyed Hillary in the same primary. If Michigan was suppressing the vote, the state sucks at it, almost as bad as Bernie is at winning presidential elections. Sorry that in some areas, people had to wait in line for longer than in other areas. Some county boards of elections suck more than other county boards of elections.

But expecting people to have to make the slightest bit of effort to do the single most important thing to do as a citizen is NOT voter suppression. It’s one day a year, with a second day every four years when we elect the president. If your polling place is known for long lines, bring a book or your Nintendo Switch. Spend some time on your phone flinging birds with anger management issues.

If your life is so bust and your time is so valuable that it’s an inconvenience for you to vote, maybe you shouldn’t.



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