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Breaking: Arabs Refuse Palestinian Authority Demand To Condemn Israel/UAE Peace Deal

Breaking: Arabs Refuse Palestinian Authority Demand To Condemn Israel/UAE Peace Deal

The power of veto given to the Palestinian Authority no longer holds with the Arabs, in the latest move, after demanding a condemnation against the Israel/UAE peace deal, the Arab League dismissed the demand and moved on to their next item.

In a historic first, Israel and the UAE announced a peace agreement in August. The Trump White House was instrumental in brokering the deal. This was a major step toward peace in the Middle East.

Democrats attacked the peace agreement and bumbling Joe Biden took credit for the deal.

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Israel National News reported:

The Arab League on Wednesday failed to pass a resolution proposed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which would have condemned the normalization deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Times of Israel reports.

“After a three-hour debate, some Arab countries refused to include [a] statement condemning [the UAE] for abandoning Arab decisions. Additionally, they struck out a clause that discussed the trilateral agreement” between the UAE, the US, and Israel, the PA representative to the Arab League, Muhannad al-Aklouk, was quoted as having told the Ma’an news agency.

Senior Arab League official Hussam Zaki said, “Discussion around this point was serious and comprehensive. But it did not lead to an agreement over the resolution proposed by the Palestinians.”

Zaki said the PA representatives had insisted they would either accept a condemnation of the agreement or no statement on the issue at all.

“A number of amendments were proposed, and then counter-amendments…and we were at a point in which Palestinian demands had not been realized, and the Palestinians preferred it not to pass rather than have it pass in a manner which they believed to be inadequate,” Zaki said.

The Arab world is increasingly seeing the advantages for peace with Israel far outweighs the disadvantages, plus it gives them access to the tech that so far has been withheld from them. This does not bode well of the Arabs who claim to be Palestinians, they are going to find as they push more and more against this they are going to find themselves increasingly outside looking in.

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