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Are Attacks Against Facebook and Google Warranted?

Are Attacks Against Facebook and Google Warranted?

We have seen for the last year both Facebook and Google try to present themselves as the holders of morality, yet they were not watching their content for what is divisive or harmful for kids, they turned political activist, attacking whatever was seen as conservative thought and shutting it down. The problem of trying to say you are the gateway against all that is immoral, you start being checked out to see if this is indeed what you are doing.

With these attacks against the right, then trying to say you hold the mantle of righteousness, you come under scrutiny, both of these organizations are failing and failing badly in upholding any morality, in fact, they are actively pushing to do the opposite. Now we see as a result of this; advertizers are threatening to pull advertizing from them due to what they see as an allowance of hate speech

I have to look at this from two sides of the issue, both Google and Facebook have billions of users, to expect that they can go item by item and clear out what is seen as offensive is impossible. What is more, if you start to do this by what standards are you removing what is offensive? But when you chose to not so much to censor by moral creed, instead of by political you will come under attack, and both Facebook and Google are guilty of this. 

I have said from the beginning with 0censor, the way to deal with immorality is to expose it; with hate, to lay it open for all to see; if you do this you take away the attractiveness of what they are saying, you put their filth open for the onlookers, they suddenly lose their appeal, then you can shut them down.

I have found over the years if you bypass this method, shutting down speech without exposing it first, you make it more enticing: people start to wonder what it is that you are hiding, is there some truth there that you are afraid of? Although I have a zero tolerance for hate speech it is still better to let them say what they are saying, allow it in the open, expose it, then you can shut it down, they have already done the damage to themselves. 

The problem with Facebook and Google, and I have personal experience with this, is they don’t censor by moral codes, they edit by political goals, I have tried to get into the news feeds of Google, they have shut me down, first by saying that I am not running original material, that is false, then by saying what I was saying was too supportive of Zionism, which I found offensive.  Of course, MSN said the material was not original (seems this is their catchphrase to reject conservative writers), Yahoo as well, yet every article was personally written by me. I give references and show the proof of every claim, many times companies that are leaning to the left, this is not acceptable, for they think you are not sparing people’s feelings.

And here comes the problem with feelings versus the truth, feelings don’t care what is true or not, only that what is stated makes you feel good, but truth, that is another story.

Truth has no care for feelings, it can cut, slice, expose, tear apart, that is the nature of the truth, but if you look at what it exposes instead of how you feel about it, you come out better for it.

The problem with the left today is truth takes a back seat to feelings, if I say the truth and your feelings are hurt, somehow stating the truth is wrong because it does not afford you the right to feel good.

And this is the downfall, the social networks like Google, Yahoo, along with the major news sites, they have turned to ignore what is the truth, they are more interested in a narrative, one that has little bases in fact. This is where their claims of superiority have come back to bite them, they claim in many cases to be unbiased, but if you are going to make this claim, you darn well better be. And to now allow the truth to be told because it is politically inconvenient, you rip apart any moral code you are claiming to be presenting. 

Today to question anything of the liberal mantra is seen as using hate speech, to show facts to show why your view is different, this is equally first attacked by saying your sources are hateful, then they attack when the people lived, the worldview at the time, thus instead of looking at the truth, they try to destroy the presenter of truth, so they don’t have to listen to it. 

There is a part of me that feels bad for these two, another part doesn’t at all. While I understand that it is hard to shut down all speech, with Facebook alone, there are  2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users, 300 million Photo uploads per day. 510,000 comments are posted every 60 seconds; the simple truth is you can’t patrol all of this. But the problem has come their algorithms are set up to block what is seen as conservative speech. This creates problems, you have people that go on site, call for destruction of Israel and the Jews, this is not censored as hate speech, in many cases it is encouraged, but if you post anything that is too supportive of Israel and Zionism, you are censored due to your post is seen as hate speech. What is worse, the owner of this site is Jewish, goes to show the mindset of the American Jewish left. 

While I don’t agree that either site is guilty of all the attacks they have coming their way, they are guilty of much as well. They have set their sites up to be psychologically addictive, to make people look for instant gratification with likes, shares, or see emoji’s on the site. Being that they are a business, their goals are more to bring people to the site and keep them there, but they also have to take some responsibility for content. If you find hate speech, keep the sites up, maybe cut off the right to post more, but this way the hate speech, the rebuttals to them are both in the open for all to see, cutting them off is not always the way to go. 

Also, much of this call for censorship has nothing to do with outrage over what is seen as hateful or immoral, it is just another sneak attack by the left to give need of censorship, then blame the win in the 2016 elections on Russian bots, put pressure on social networks to shut down any supporting links, adds or any type of speech that shows support for our president Donald Trump. They dress it up like it is a morality issue, but the result is really what they are after, they could care less about the morals. 

While there is plenty that both Facebook and Google are guilty of, I find their attacks against conservative thought as a terrible thing, I don’t place all the blame on them for content on their site if you are going to allow people to post in a social forum these things will happen.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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