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Arizona Audit Report Will Show ‘Significant Discrepancies’: State Senators Share Claim On Social Media

Arizona Audit Report Will Show ‘Significant Discrepancies’: State Senators Share Claim On Social Media

As the Maricopa County election audit continues in Arizona, a prominent state senator appeared to agree with remarks from an account following the election that the audit will show “significant discrepancies between the ballots audited and the original ballot count.”

The Maricopa County ballots were counted, inspected, and returned to the county last week. It counted 2,089,563 ballots.


Posting on Twitter, State Senator Sonny Borrelli retweeted a tweet by the account @2020ElectionUp3 that wrote:

The audit report by the AZ State Senate will show significant discrepancies between the ballots audited and original count, when it’s released. Also, Maricopa County has failed to produce routers and passwords for machines. The Senate could issue a follow up subpoena.

State Senator Wendy Rogers went out of her way to highlight that tweet, pointing out that Borrelli had shared them. She wrote that the tweet was “Retweeted by the great patriot [Borrelli], former Marine and is on the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee with me.”

“Our committee is the one that can act after sine dies. He knows what he is saying,” she said.

Due to Twitter erasing tweets that don’t agree with their claim of no election integrity issues, I have copied this and put in a link to the Tweet.

The remarks would indicate that members of the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee believe that the audit will find discrepancies in the ballot count – as originally alleged by Republicans currently contesting the 2020 US presidential election results in the state.

According to the official state senate, Maricopa Arizona Audit account on Twitter, “The Wesley Bolin building is where the ballots and tabulators were moved yesterday. This was planned out 10 days ago, anticipating continuing checking of data and finalizing results,” it wrote on July 3.

“The main reason the forensic audit is taking 2.5 months is that Maricopa County Supervisors and Recorder have obstructed the audit and refused to cooperate,” the account added.

Borrelli responded: “EXACTLY spot on. Are they afraid of what we may find? Or are they afraid of what they KNOW we will find?”

The audit results are expected to be revealed very soon and come in the wake of announcing that Maricopa County will no longer use voting machines subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate for its audit.

As previously detailed by Conservative Brief, Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel announced that voters in the county would not have to worry about the machines that could potentially pose a risk to future elections.

“The voters of Maricopa County can rest assured, the County will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections. The County recognizes Secretary Hobbs’ authority under A.R.S. § 16-442 to certify equipment for use in Arizona’s elections. As a result, the County will not use the subpoenaed equipment in any future elections.

“Maricopa County noted this potential risk in February when it asked the court for guidance on the Senate subpoenas. Since then, the County has implemented backup plans that include acquiring new tabulation equipment for the March and May jurisdictional elections in 2021.”

The GOP-controlled legislature has also moved to revoke the legal authority of Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in election-related lawsuits, giving that power to the attorney general. The measure was included as part of a major budget bill, including several actions revolving around the election and its results.


The bill approved last Thursday gives Arizona Attorney General Brnovich’s office exclusive control of such lawsuits, but only through Jan. 2, 2023 — when the winners of the next elections for both offices would be about to take power.

The results of the election audit in Maricopa County could pave the way for many other states to follow in its wake.

During the last election, I said what worried me the most was the fact that Democrats thought Trump was a threat to everything they held as sacred. He was seen as such a threat that the need to get rid of him would have them violated the constitution, our truest, and the law to do what they must.

Sadly, it looks more and more like I was right.

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