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Autoworker Biden Threatened to Slap Responds. It’s Perfection!

Autoworker Biden Threatened to Slap Responds. It’s Perfection!

Autoworker Jerry Wayne made a major splash Tuesday after Joe Biden got into a heated exchange during a campaign stop in Detroit. Biden not only threatened to slap Wayne, he lectured him about guns (called them AR-14s), insulted Wayne’s intelligence, and was a general geriatric ass. Responding with patriotic perfection, Jerry Wayne. He appeared on Dave Rubin’s Rubin Report and showed everyone exactly how it’s done:

My favorite moments:

I’m an American citizen and I don’t think politicians are above us. They work for us!

I’m an American. That’s my party.

I want the union members to know: you have an independent mind. Unions work for you, you do not work for them.

Jerry Wayne 2024?

The media is going to run an attack on Wayne and from the sounds of it, Wayne is locked and loaded. He’s tired of politicians running roughshod all over his rights. He’s tired of letting others fight for him. He spoke truth to power and not only didn’t back down, he’s doubling down.

Jerry Wayne is a model. He said so himself, he’s not necessarily a brilliant guy (fooled me, Jerry!) but he wanted to speak out for other Americans and be a voice.

Everyone: BE LIKE JERRY! When more people like him speak up, confront political leaders, and make their voices heard, America listens. We’re Americans and we need to push and fight back against liberal elites and narratives, just like Jerry did here.

Jerry, I salute you.

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