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Barr Set To Start Making Low Level Arrests Next Weekend

Barr Set To Start Making Low Level Arrests Next Weekend

As the lockdown from Coronavirus has ended the Justice Department is ready to spring on the people under Grand Jury indictments from the Barr investigation into the Russian Collusion investigation that went on for the first half of the Trump administration.

After the article came out A.G. Barr’s Problem – Bring Charges, Tear Down This Government as We Know IT, Or Give A Pass I was surprised by the reaction to the article, but more, that we then were contacted by some sources that came forward while asking for unanimity.

This is what I was able to piece together with what was told to me.

The first wave of indictments is going to be used to bring to justice Justice Department employees that moved to falsify records to the FICA court, this will include FBI agents that were involved with this.

At this point we can expect to see a quick gathering up of people before they have time to react, the largest name taken in with this will be former FBI Director James Comey for presenting falsified data to the FICA courts and for releasing information to the press.

This will be the first step in the process that will aim to restore faith back in both the Justice Department and the FBI, to clean out bad blood and try to set up the agency the way it is supposed to operate.

This will also do much to expose the actions of the Obama Administration in this, but by what I have been able to find out Obama and Biden will be left out of this, the reason is simple, any moves against them at this time will be viewed as a political act prior to the elections, but there are rumors that this may be revisited after the election is finished.

I could not find any data what would happen after this, but can at this point use conjecture to feel out what will happen after. I expect after we see the arrest of Comey and others, Clapper and other players like Brennan will quickly lawyer up, you then will see moves by these people, and people under them that were part of the whole Russian Collusion narrative, the will quickly start making deals.

As we see with other such cases, many of these people are not stupid, they will have material put aside for in case this ever saw the light of day, will pull out this evidence in a typical CYA move.

The government is more interested in cleaning the players still within the CIA, NSA and other such intel agencies then in seeking justice, although they will in the end get their pound of flesh.

The claim is that this move will start the first weekend of June, when the federal moves to discontinue the shutdown will start, will carry through until the next week, but they could move up the timeline if they see a need for it.

I know the time frame of this is very frustrating for everyone, but justice while it is careful, also moves slow, otherwise many will slip through the cracks.

Barr has moved behind the scenes, brought in excellent investigators to dig into this whole “deep state” move to unseat Trump, we are going to after waiting for over 4 years finally start to see justice served!

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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