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Battle Ground States Show Trump is Crushing Biden by 7%

Battle Ground States Show Trump is Crushing Biden by 7%

In what is no longer a surprise, the liberal news site, CNN, had to retract their polling data after the discrepancy was seen in their reporting. By failing to show state poling CNN was showing a poll taken of liberal states that showed Biden with a slight lead in polls but refused to report on what the polling showed in the contested states, where the election is won or lost.

CNN, in its national poll, the fake news outlet shows Biden beating Trump 51 to 46 percent, but the presidency is not a national race, it is a race in each of the 50 states. This is where the problem of showing a national poll comes in.

We have heard for the last 3+ years that Clinton won the popular vote. Still, the popular vote only matters at the state level; it is there that the popular vote is taken into account to nominate the electoral voters. On the national stage, it holds no weight other than being a nice number.

What CNN refused to report was that the toss-up states each show Trump is leading.

Earlier this week, CNN was forced to publish another bad news poll (if you are CNN), a poll that showed Trump tying his highest approval number ever — 45 percent — in a CNN poll. This must have been devastating for CNN, for that shameless gang of far-left propagandists who have spent the last six weeks accusing Trump of murdering 80,000 Americans with the coronavirus.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Biden has slipped nationally over the past few weeks as the increasingly-credible allegation he sexually assaulted his former Senate aide, Tara Reade, has broken through the corrupt media’s blockade on the story. Two months ago, Biden sat at a healthy 51 percent compared to Trump’s 44 percent. Today, Biden has slipped to 47 percent, with Trump at 43 percent.

Biden, as time has gone on, is slipping due to his inability to get out to interact with the public. But what is much more frustrating to the press, each time they attack Trump, his approval numbers keep rising. This has frustrated both the politicians and leftist news sites. They were openly complaining during the impeachment trials their confusion over how they did not hurt Trump; instead it has improved his approval numbers.

What is more concerning to the left is that Trump is leading in the polls beating Biden with independents, 50 to 46 percent. Women choose Biden over Trump 55 to 41 percent. Minorities prefer Biden over Trump 69 to 26 percent. Trump does top Biden with men, 50 to 46 percent, and with white voters, 55 to 43 percent.

With whites holding 73% of the population, to rise above this, and hope to win this, Biden is going to have to chip away the numbers with the men and white voters, something he seems incapable of doing. The women’s vote is not as bad as it looks; the only reason that Trump is losing to Biden in this category is the minority vote.

Where the election is decided is by the undecided or independent voters, there is a virtual wash in Republican votes and Democrat voters; thus, the deciding factor is with independents, and they show a clear preference for Trump.

But this is not what is causing the most concern; it is that in battleground states Trump is leading by 7 points over Biden, this is something that is starting to show that Biden not only will most likely get beat but once this lockdown ceases and debates start, Biden could lose 3 – 5 points on a national scale, in these states that will decide if Trump wins or not, he could push his lead over 10%, something that spells disaster for the Biden camp.

The best news for Trump in this poll almost certainly comes from how voters feel about economic stewardship. Now that these lock-downs have flattened the economy, voters are going to want to see things resurrected, and when it comes to the economy, by a wide margin of 54 to 42 percent, voters choose Trump.

The one poll that surprised me was that voters felt that Biden, who has been hiding in his basement, has been handling the virus better than Trump.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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