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Biden And Left Moves To Reign In Free Speech After Musk Twitter Purchase.

Biden And Left Moves To Reign In Free Speech After Musk Twitter Purchase.

In a move that should surprise no one, the Biden administration is now moving to take it back upon seeing liberal control over the flow of information coming under attack. The latest? The promotion of one of these Leftist disinformation specialists into the head of the Governments Disinformation Board in the Department of Homeland Security.


Nina Jankowicz  – Cat’s out of the bag: here’s what I’ve been up to the past two months, and why I’ve been a bit quiet on here. Honored to be serving in the Biden Administration @DHSgov and helping shape our counter-disinformation efforts.

We must not forget that she is the same person that during the presidential debates in 2020, was chief among those saying that the Hunter Biden Laptop was nothing but a hoax.

“Back on the ‘laptop from hell,’ apparently—Biden notes 50 former natsec officials and 5 former CIA heads that believe the laptop is a Russian influence op,” Jankowicz said.

“Trump says ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,'” she said.

She has since tried to walk this back, saying she was live quoting, but that is not true; she never made any such statement against this until she was recently called out.

The Chicks on the Right correctly called this out:

And she’s the author of a book called “How to lose the information war.” I wonder if she has a chapter on allowing your government to create a “disinformation governance board” to control information.

This was not lost on many:

Jack Posobiec
– Meet your new head of the Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, America

Jack Posobiec  – We caught the Biden Disinformation Head in a lie on day one on the job

And let’s not forget her coming on the news and saying that Trump supporters would show up at the polls armed to force people to vote for him:

Jack Posobiec – The DHS board will be headed by Nina Jankowicz, who once claimed militarized Trump supporters would show up to the polls with weapons to intimidate voters

Josh Hawley
– The Administration that activated the FBI against parents at school board meetings now has created a government Disinformation Board to monitor all Americans’ speech. It’s a disgrace. Joe Biden & Secretary Mayorkas: dissolve this monstrosity immediately

But the response goes much further than just putting a talking head in charge of the information, or as they claim, ‘disinformation.’

The press has gone into full attack mode. Here you have Nicole Wallace claiming having free speech on Twitter is the political version of yelling fire in a movie theater:

Washington Free Beacon – MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace: “What the right has already seized is this ground that they’re on the side of free speech. They’re really not. They’re for the political version of yelling fire in a movie theater.”

Remember, this is the same person who came out and advocated using drone strikes against Americans who did not share his political views.

You then had a member of the press openly saying what he feared was that Musk could do to the Democrats what they had done to Trump and conservative voices during the last election and up to even now:

“You don’t even have to be transparent. You could secretly ban one party’s candidate, or all of its candidates, all of its nominees, or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out about it until after the elections.” – Ari Melber

So let me see if I understand this correctly; you are upset that what you on the left did to Trump and conservatives could be done back to you? Oh my, the horrors and horrors, how dare anything thinks that what the Dems have done to the right could be done back to them!

What gets many of us is he knew this happened, says nothing to address this, but then they never said a word when Dorsey was banning conservatives from Twitter; he even banned the President, but now that this control over the flow of information is lost, what a calamity.

But all is not lost; when told of platforms on Twitter that have bought followers, who have hyperinflated numbers of followers to give undue influence, Musk said he would look into this:

The good news is some actors aren’t die-hard liberals; Tim Allen is one. He tweeted:

The little twitter bird has a new owner. Wonder how long it will take for the new shadow ban council to prevent me from saying stuff like: Hunter Biden laptop. Or even more provocative: Tesla in-car fart app? (Love it when driving my Mom.) – Tim Allen

Funny, when Covid first struck, if you said you should wear masks, you would have banned. If you say now you should not, you can be banned. Say it came from “China” (as Trump used to love to say), you can face a ban. The same thing with Hunter’s laptop; you would find yourself attacked by the censors if you dared mention this during the election. Now, even the left admits that something is not good there.

We are now seeing a multipronged assault against Musk. Leaders in Tech, Besos, Gates and the government are coming at Musk in an all-out assault. They feel that our greatest danger to their power is not China or Russia; it is not radical Islamists. They see Musk as putting all they have worked for at risk. If he can reform Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others will have to follow; this is seen as the great threat they have faced.


We have already seen Besos attacking Musk, activist groups trying to stop his purchase of Twitter, and now you have Gates trying to short Telsa stocks with hopes he can drag Musk down.

I end this with a word of caution. Don’t think Musk is a conservative who is out to destroy the liberal way of life; he isn’t. In many ways, he leans more to the Left. But he does support free speech, encourages debate, and does not mind if you disagree with him; this is why he is doing this.

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