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Biden Campaign Begins To Worry as Black, Latino Disaster Looms

Biden Campaign Begins To Worry as Black, Latino Disaster Looms

Biden campaign staff is reportedly sounding the alarm as presupposed minority support fails to pour in as expected.

An unspecified number of anonymous senior officials manning the cannons for 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke out this week, expressing concern over a lack of black and Latino turnout in national early voting efforts, according to Bloomberg.

Left-wing establishment media outlets have long forecast victory for Biden this November, predicting a diverse Obama-era Democratic coalition and never-before-seen youth and minority turnout would win the day.

With record early voter turnout already a reality several days out from the 2020 election, however, initial results suggest the cavalry may not be coming.

While analysis run by Democratic data firm Catalyst shows something of a surge in turnout among incumbent President Donald Trump’s most supportive demographic, non-college-educated white voters, only 25 to 50 percent of registered black and Latinos have yet to cast a ballot in the prized swing states of Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania.

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Failing to definitively spell disaster, those numbers were at least enough to shift the outward posture of prominent Democratic politicos like Steve Schale, president of pro-Biden super PAC Unite the Country.

“I would like to see turnout increase,” Schale told Bloomberg.

“We need improvement.”

During a year in which the American left has given cover to violent inner-city unrest and aided in squashing record minority economic advancements due to COVID-19, however, it would be rather arrogant to immediately count an increase in minority turnout as beneficial for Democrats.

This, of course, has not stopped left-wing operatives from doing just that, confident minority voters would still be coming out in support of the Democratic Party platform on election day.

“We know our pathway to victory includes winning key battleground states that have significant [minority] populations,” deputy Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said. “We cannot win without the Latino vote in these states, which is why we have invested historic amounts of money and research.”

Such investments have long played their part in Democratic strategy, and the Biden campaign has doubled down on those efforts.

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“No campaign in American history has devoted this level of resources that we have to outreach to voters of color, and we’re deeply proud of it,” said Symone Sanders, a senior minority adviser to the campaign. “In community-specific advertising alone, we’ve dedicated tens of millions of dollars to each community, with a total into 9 figures. And we’ve committed tens of millions on in-person GOTV programs unique to communities of color.”

“Earning the support of diverse voters is the beating heart of our operation,” she added.

“We’re also the most diverse general election campaign in American history, including at senior levels, and all of our strategic decisions are driven by our diverse leadership team.”

A slew of Trump campaign surrogates and staff members have previously told The Western Journal, however, that winning minority support would be about more than campaign expenditures this election cycle.

The president made swing states like Arizona a priority early on this year, visiting a number of times over the summer as Biden kept to the Democratic strongholds, arriving in the Grand Canyon state for the first time at the outset of October.

Members of the Trump apparatus say such efforts to “parachute” into the swing states last minute will damn the Biden campaign, appearing insincere beside numerous campaign events put on by Women for Trump and Latinos for Trump in places like Arizona.

“The Democrats think that they are going to take this Latino vote,” Cuban-American campaign advisor Mercedes Schlapp told The Western Journal following one such event in Phoenix, Arizona. “They have taken those voters for granted time, and time, and time again.”

“It failed them in 2016, it’s going to fail the Democrats in 2020. Why? Because we are seeing the light. We are seeing the light. We are seeing the fact that President Trump has said, ‘No more of this old-style, ridiculous politics that can’t get anything done. I want results for all Americans. I want opportunities for all Americans,” the adviser said.

State congressional Tatiana Peña, a fellow Latina, was quick to echo those sentiments.

“We never had a presence of Republicans in this community like we see today,” Peña told The Western Journal. “This has never happened as far as I am concerned.”

“I know a lot of people, they were told a lot of lies in 2016. I even heard the lie that I was going to be deported, my family was gonna be deported. Well, it hasn’t happened. So, now I know that that wasn’t true. And I mean, people are seeing that sort of thing going on and they’re waking up to the reality because they’re also seeing how far extreme the left has become,” she said.

“We’re also seeing the economic opportunities that this president has brought to the Hispanic community, to the black community. I mean, I’m seeing over here in our state that we are getting [back] the jobs that we had lost under previous administrations. So this is something that we should be proud of, not be afraid to speak out on either.”

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