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Biden Claims He Made Everything Better, Americans Just Have A Hard Time Being Happy

Biden Claims He Made Everything Better, Americans Just Have A Hard Time Being Happy

When you sit back and think, “Biden sure was dumb this time, I know nothing can ever top this!” He comes back and not only proves you wrong but does so in such an epic fashion it leaves you speechless. This is from the latest rant by him.

He states:

There’s a phenomenal negative psychological impact that COVID has had [COVID! Of course!] on the public psyche. And so you have an awful lot of people who are, notwithstanding the fact that things have gotten so better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking, but, how do you get up in the morning feeling happy? Happy that everything’s alright.


I know this is so unbelievable that you must be thinking, “This is a lie; he would never stoop so low as to claim something like this. No leader could ever be this blind to the truth, but here he is:

When I saw this tweet, I first did a double-take, then played it again, called my brother, and asked if I misunderstood him, but no, sadly, I did not. This man is so sheltered by his handlers; he has no clue the lack of approval and polls showing how much Americans dislike what he has done. When he hears of it, he has to twist things in his mind to make it everyone else’s fault but his own.

And what is more amazing, he did not blame Trump for this; it was Covid’s fault.

What is more amazing, progressives believe in this. I find this amazing how a certain population in America is so willingly blind to the truth; they throw on blinders, only point in the direction they want to see, refusing to see anything that may burst this fragile bubble they are living in.

As was stated by Red State:

So, being the consummate, dishonest politician he is, Biden, and his followers, are now minimizing every one of his self-made crises and irrationally blames some made-up psychological impact caused by COVID for making people unable to wake up happy.

That is insane. More correctly, anyone who actually believes that silly crap is insane.

Incidentally, this was not Biden’s first ride on the crazy train to Psychological La-La Land. As my colleague Nick Arama reported in November 2021, Joe blamed his in-the-toilet polling numbers on “psychological scars” caused by COVID, which apparently made Americans incapable of stopping themselves from trashing him in approval polls. Again, unadulterated silliness.

When our leader is this far out of touch with how the public views him, this should cause great concern for all of us; what is worse, he blames his failures on us. He thinks he is doing a great job.

While Biden thinks he is doing a great job as he dismantles this nation bit by bit, Lady liberty can do nothing but watch and weep.

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With this type of mind frame, we need to not only show up to vote this fall, but we also need to make it known that our nation may not survive two more years of this inept leadership, we need to demand if the GOP wins both houses, they do what the Democrats tried with Trump 3 times, go for impeachment, only this time we need to do it to both of the inept failures in the White House.

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