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Biden – I Will Fire Any ICE Agent Who Deports For DUI

Biden – I Will Fire Any ICE Agent Who Deports For DUI

In what seems to be a pattern with the Democrats, they are siding once more with people that commit crimes rather than standing with people who are victims of these said crimes. In the latest, Biden is calling for stopping all deportations for DUI, saying that he does not look at Drunk driving as a felony.

This hits personal for me, have been on the other end of this, one has to ask, should illegals, who shouldn’t be here in the first place be given sanctuary when they show by their actions they don’t care about our laws? And how many DUI charges should they have before it becomes a problem, should we allow people who habitually break the law to remain? Further, what if their actions end up taking a life?

I think the first question has to be asked if someone is not able to abide by our most fundamental laws, abuse the privilege of being able to use a vehicle in a nation they have violated the law by sneaking into, how are we then to expect them to honor other laws? We have heard from the Democrats regarding Trump that no one is above the law. It seems they need to add an addendum to this, “Unless you’re an illegal alien and are driving drunk!”

What driving drunk can result in
DUI many times results in this!

What I find amazing is the total disregard of the law the Democrats hold, they seem to think that people who violate the law, when arrested, they never look to the victims of the crime, only the perpetrators, they end up calling them the victims.

I ask you Vice President Biden, and say this as one who has suffered from having lives of people I love taken by a drunk driver, what about the victims, do they not matter? I suggest Mr. Vice President you go to a MADD chapter, why don’t you try telling them that DUI shouldn’t be a felony, let’s see how far this gets you in their good graces.

Tell this to Sabine Durden who lost her son, a 911 dispatcher who lost his life to a illegal who was busted on multiple counts of DUI in 2012, or to  Sgt. Brandon Mendoza’s family after he was killed by an unlawful in 2014, he just got a short sentence and then was released, not even deported. Last, maybe he can explain this to all the parents, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, and children or grandchildren who lost their loved one to a driver that was charged with DUI, explain how this shouldn’t be a felony.

Sgt Mendoza, lost due to the actions of a illegal alien

I think what gets me the worst about this; it is the blatant disregard for the citizens who are supposed to be here, Democrats today would instead protect illegals then protect their own citizens, shame on all of them. What is worse, you have cities that are protecting these people, at this point I think all federal funding for all programs, I don’t care if it is school or healthcare, shut it down until they stop.

We know the cities and leftists will scream, “What about the poor and the children?” I would answer back, that is precisely why we are doing this, your people support this, but the rest of this nation doesn’t, we are tired of paying for your stance, yet you and your constituents don’t think you should ever have to answer for them. Maybe it is time you are taught; there is a reaction to every action. It is time you start to feel the pain.

Democrats speak a fine line but ask them to take a stance that they may have to deal with the consequences, suddenly they cry foul. A great example of this is with the sanctuary cities, how they stood on their high morals to protect illegals, that is until Trump said that if they wanted to stand on this principle we should then send them all our illegals, suddenly they were in court and screaming to the press how wrong this was.

They want to stand on a pedestal, but they never want to walk in the muck they have created.

They want to stand on a pedestal, but they never want to walk in the muck they have created. Talk about open borders, but then go live in gated communities. They talk about the immorality of the wall, then put walls around their own homes, speak out about being open, but they live in guarded compounds. They call for taking our guns away that we protect ourselves and our rights with, all while having bodyguards around them armed to the teeth. They speak about being open, but hide behind a wall of lies.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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