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Biden Goes From Bad To Worse For Press Secretary. This One Said All Fox Viewers Were Racist, And Still Claims Stacy Abrams Won

Biden Goes From Bad To Worse For Press Secretary. This One Said All Fox Viewers Were Racist, And Still Claims Stacy Abrams Won

One must wonder, “When Biden was looking for a press secretary, did he look for the most woke delusional activist there is?” If he did, he hit the jackpot with Karine Jean-Pierre. This is the same person who accused Fox and its followers of being white supremacists, still claims that Stacy Abrams won, even though she didn’t, and still is pushing that there was something with this Russiangate, even though there is no evidence.


This is typical of the Left; they accuse you of something, then say it is on you to disprove these accusations. What is more, you have then the Black Privilege exercised where all is claimed to be from a victim’s standpoint, so if you dare to question what they are claiming, you are instantly accused of racism or further victimizing the one making said claims.

We saw this with the #MeToo, then increased with Kavanaugh, when Karine and others told us that if you dare question a claim of sexual assault, you were wrong; how dare you to question a victim’s accusations. This quickly started to die out when other so-called victims stepped forward with outlandish claims that not even the most die-hard Trump haters could support.

This is the same woman that tweeted: “Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams,” Jean-Pierre tweeted on April 2, 2020, reacting to a news story about Kemp saying he only just learned that asymptomatic people could spread COVID-19.

This claim is amazing, so winning the election and having more votes is not stealing an election in Georgia? We once more have on display Black Privilege, where you can make outlandish accusations; if one dares to challenge them, you are called a racist. This seems the only mantra the Left has available to them; they can’t debate with facts, for there is none, so they try to shout over you what a terrible racist you are.

It was the same with the 2016 elections, she came out and claimed that the election was stolen, that somehow Trump was not the president, yet she attacks Republicans today for questioning the 2020 election.

We have the double standards one finds so common with the Biden Team. Maybe it is a qualification for you to be part of his administration. So accusing Trump of stealing an election is fine, but when Trump correctly questioned the election results, that was a point of treason? This was called out on Twitter:

Mark Dice is correct; if we questioned the Biden win in 2020, Twitter, Facebook, and others banned you, but they never did this in 2016. Why is that? Like the rest of the Democrats, who claimed Bush’s victories were ill-gotten, so were his fathers; turn and say you are guilty of high crimes and treason if you do the same back. Only they have a right to question.

We are seeing a continuation of the Democrat-run for the sewer; they would rather live like the swamp rats they are than deal with reality. This is why we supported draining the swamp and continue to do so now, the corruption found in it is overwhelming, and this goes for both sides of the Isle.

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The best way to deal with swamp creatures is not to get into the swamp and get dirty; you drain the swamp, then there is no place to live, and they move on. This fall, it is time to see a victory, continue the work done before the Biden Administration, and start getting these swamp creatures out of here.

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