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Biden Is Not The President-Elect, Could This Narrative Be Set Up By The Press To Bring About A Civil War?

Biden Is Not The President-Elect, Could This Narrative Be Set Up By The Press To Bring About A Civil War?

We have heard that Biden won the election, people are saying the press said this is so but is it? I had someone say that Trump, at this time, was called this, but there is a big difference that does not exist now, Clinton conceded the election, which automatically made Trump the President-elect, Trump, due to election irregularities, has not yet conceded.

So why is the press calling him this? The majority of Americans think if the press makes a call that a victor, they call, is the president-elect, but that is not true. In each state, the congress has to certify the election, in turn, then pass on their certified results to the electoral college members. These members are supposed to vote on Monday after the second Wednesday in December of the presidential election years (3 U.S.C. §7) as the date on which the electors meet and vote. In 2020, the meeting is on December 14.

If the electoral college comes up with a victor, it will not matter if Trump concedes or not; the victor of this election will be on Dec. 14th, after the votes are tallied, the President-elect. Yet, with challenges in court, with hundreds of affidavit are coming forth about fraud in the election, Dominion voting machines showing widespread irregularities, this may not be possible. If this is the case, Congress could act to put off the electoral college, but this has never been done in the past.

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I get more into what happens here with the article I wrote earlier this week. What Happens If Trump overturns a state or more, no one reaches 270 electoral votes?

The question then has to be asked, why is the press pushing this narrative? Why not do what they are put in place for? To educate the American people on the workings of the American system?

I think this is done purposefully; they know that the election is not yet done as we saw with the Bush/Gore election. They called the election for Gore and then had to retract their projection after finding that Bush won. Yet Bush’s first term, like Trump’s, was claimed to have been stolen.

Much of this was due to the ignorance of the leftover how our electoral system worked; presidents have never been elected due to a national popular vote since Washington. Electoral votes elect them; the popular vote in each state determines these.

While states are now trying to undo this system by their compacts to give the president with the popular vote the electoral vote, I am not sure this will stand up under a court challenge; this is not how the constitution sets up the process.

What happens if the electoral college does not give any candidate 270 votes? Does this mean we have another vote, as we have seen in Israel? (It took 3 different votes to conclude that election, and that took a compromise, or it would have gone into round 4).

Yet things at this point change, where the president then is not determined by vote, the election is thrown out, the Congress then votes, but not the whole voting body, rather each state gets to pick out one voter, the members get together and decide whom they will choose as President, each state gets one vote.

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This prevents states like California, New York, and other large liberal states from overpowering the rest. While Democrats today hold the majority in Congress, the Republicans hold more states than the state does.

Here is an explanation of what happens, but I need to clarify that the US Congressional members do not make a call the way they wish. The states congress decides who gets to cast a vote. Then with consultation from other members, this chosen one makes a pick for the state.

With this, we now see a more clarified reason why the press is doing what they are now doing. They have no interest in letting the process play out; rather, they want to call a winner, as they did with the Bush/Gore race. This leaves the supporters feeling like their votes did not matter. Thus, you have a rise of national anger; half the country feels they are cheated out of their vote.

In this video, you have Van Jones, who is a far-left activist. He lays out the greatest fear of the left, what if the election is seen as corrupt, what we see now? He explains how the election then plays out in our government. Van Jones fails in his speech. I think this is because he and the press are part of this. He is acting like riots, and activism is going to change how this process works. It won’t.

Our founders set up the system to ensure what we possibly see now never happens, massive voter fraud to swing an election illegally. The press knows this. They want to ensure that this will never happen; Van Jones tells people to come out and protests. He tries to show innocence by telling people not to riot, but we know from these events’ past actions that they will turn into riots.

While I do agree with some of what Van Jones said, we have to understand this is made with an extreme progressive slant; take this as it is.

I also want it to be understood. I took videos from the liberal side because we need to understand how they see this election. This way, we will understand their reaction when all is said and done.

What we see now is rejoicing, the Left thinks Trump is gone, yet this is not the case. Knowing that there is a chance they could get caught, many within the deep state then set up what I would call a backup plan. With the knowledge that this corrupt move to swing the election, death by a thousand cuts, supposed glitches in voting machines, postal workers backdating ballots, poll workers throwing out ballots for Trump, others bring in stacks of out of state ballots (this is all alleged), by itself, each one is not enough to swing an election. Still, in close states, if you can throw off ten thousand ballots here, ten thousand there, soon you have enough to either ensure the person you want holds the lead or to steal the election from the candidate you aren’t supporting.

We are now seeing the groundwork laid out by the left that will send this nation into flames. The progressive left will not accept that there is corruption, even if they know there is, they will not care, they see Trump as such evil, any means, no matter how illegal or corrupt, is forgivable if it is what gets Trump out of office. If you listen to them, you find the reason for their language. They compare Trump and his followers to the Nazis. They genuinely believe this; educating themselves on facts is not what they want; they would rather blindly believe rhetoric than accept facts.

At this present time, we are at the edge of an abyss; the nation is fighting for its soul. One side wants to push us towards the far-left, destroy all that made this nation the great nation it is; the other side sees this as the greatest success in humanity’s history. This nation is a nation that has succeeded until now. This is despite human failings, or more specifically because of them. We fought ourselves to cure what was wrong; now, people want to drag this wound back up, making racist claims that we are flawed not because of humanity but rather due to whites within the nation.

This election is a visual representation of what we are facing as a nation. We see one side is willing to go to any extreme to push their ideology on the rest of us. The question is, “Do we give in to this demand for peace, or do we fight as our fathers did to hold what makes us so great, our freedoms that are baked into our constitution.”

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