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Biden Says 2nd Amendment Is Not Written In Stone, Then Signs Executive Orders To Start Stripping Gun Rights Away

Biden Says 2nd Amendment Is Not Written In Stone, Then Signs Executive Orders To Start Stripping Gun Rights Away

To start yesterday off, President Biden first put a rabid anti-gun activist, David Chipman, in charge of the ATF. Still, he was only getting started. To appease his supporters that were equally rabid over stripping away the second amendment, he then proceeded to put in place executive orders to start stripping away gun rights.

Mr. Chipman, a former agent with the A.T.F., has in the past pushed to have all automatic weapons stripped from American citizens; this will put him at odds with the Senate, which he must pass to get the seat.


While Mr. Chipman’s selection came as welcome news to gun control groups, few nominees put forward by Mr. Biden have faced steeper odds of confirmation in the Senate. However, his allies think he may win narrow approval given the anguish over recent massacres in Boulder, Colo., and Atlanta.

Mr. Chipman’s prior advocacy of an assault weapons ban and other restrictions could make it hard for him to muster the 51 votes needed for confirmation. Senate Republicans have successfully blocked potential A.T.F. directors who were much more in line with their pro-gun base.

While his orders stopped short of his biggest campaign promises, including banning the import of assault weapons, starting up a voluntary gun buyback program, and a promise to further enforce our gun laws, he has let it be known that he is pressuring Pelosi and Congress to work on putting this in place.

Biden mentioned a formidable list of priorities he’d like to see Congress tackle, including passing the Violence Against Women Act, eliminating lawsuit exemptions for gun manufacturers and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also called on the Senate to take up House-passed measures to close background check loopholes.


But with an evenly divided Senate — and any gun control legislation requiring 60 votes to pass — Democrats would have to keep every member of their narrow majority on board while somehow adding 10 Republicans.

In the end I doubt that Biden’s nomination will be able to pass the Senate, he will have to go back and find a less contraversial candidate.

In regards to his executive orders, these will end up in the courts, from there it is highly doubtful they will hold up under the scrutiny of the law, but one never knows.

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