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Biden Sworn In As President Calls For Unity. Should We Respond As The Democrats Did Four Years Ago?

Biden Sworn In As President Calls For Unity. Should We Respond As The Democrats Did Four Years Ago?

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly the Democrats are telling us that we need to unite for the good of the nation, but I must ask, “Why didn’t they do this four years ago?” If they were not willing to do this, why should we?

What is clear when you look at this call from Joe and the Left, their call for unity is not serious; they are calling for us to submit to liberals, to give them a chance they themselves refused to give four years ago. The demand is we give in, admit the fight is over, that carrying on elections the Democrats had done is enough to make sure that the GOP never wins an election again, if they can’t win by vote, they will rig the election and win it anyway.


Even worse, we have GOP leaders, rather than saying, “No, we will do exactly what you did for four years; they are falling over each other to give the Democrats all they want.”

Am I the only one wondering why we voted for these people? Maybe it is time to rid ourselves of the likes of Kinzinger, McConnells, and Cheney’s out of office, push members who support the idea of MAGA and primary out this old guard, put in people who will fight for us, not for their power and the swamp.

We need to relook at what it means to be part of the party; if the party is unwilling to move to be a part of us, maybe it is time to put the party to rest and bring something new in. I have voted for and supported the GOP my whole life, but I am starting to wonder if the party is doing this back.

Trump is out, but this does not mean that his message is dead, that we need to stop this movement. Instead, we need to make it grow, adjust to the situation we are now facing, and make sure that it comes back even stronger four years from now than it was in 2016. We could be looking at a return, but both the GOP leadership and the DNC seem to be together in ensuring this never happens.

As we now are seeing by released data, where MAGA supporters were begging police to bring in reinforcements, we have to look at this capital incursion and see that this whole thing was staged, it was done to prevent the GOP from questioning the election, the Democrats were willing to put their own members and capital at risk, all to stop any questioning of the election.


2020 is the year the Democrats betrayed America; we now will see the fruits of their labor over the next four years where they move to set this nation back on the idea of liberal paradise. If you want a nation where political correctness rules, where our borders are open, freedom of speech is dead, the ability to live as your faith dictates will all be assaulted, all in the name of protecting others, then keep the course; if not, get ready to fight.

In four years, we could have a large percentage of America so horrified by what they have seen; they will be willing to come to the polls and see that the fourth term of Obama type policies will not be permitted. The question is, what will we be looking at when this comes if we are not willing to carry on the fight ourselves?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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