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Biden Tells Young Girls, “I want to Come Back In Four Years And Watch You Dance Again!” Silence Follows.

Biden Tells Young Girls, “I want to Come Back In Four Years And Watch You Dance Again!” Silence Follows.

Once more, Biden can’t help himself; this time, Creepy Joe went to girls that could not have been more than nine or ten and informed them he wanted to see them dance when they were four years older. What the hell was he thinking?

We should not be surprised; it broke today that he told people he could stay in his basement due to Black women stacking up our grocery shelves

TRENDING: Joe Biden: Because Black Women Were Stacking Grocery Shelves, We Were Able To Stay Home

While paying a visit on Monday to the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Biden closed his remarks by quipping to the crowd, “the good news is, for me, I’m here. The bad news for you is I’m coming back.”

He then spotted a gathering of young girls to the side.


“And I want to see these beautiful young ladies- I want to see them dancing when they’re four years older too,” Biden pointed, sparking nervous laughs from attendees.

Cell phone footage from another angle of Biden’s remarks shows who the former VP was addressing, which appeared to be two young girls sitting off to the side.

The footage went viral, sparking allegations from some of “creepy” behavior.

Biden’s team tried to pass this off as saying he serves four years. I guess his promise to serve one term was not very honest.

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Joe Biden has a problem, open mouth inserts foot syndrome. He once more comes out and makes a terribly racist remark, the press, and left are rushing to dismiss and cover-up.
Trump is out of the hospital, Hollywood finds itself triggered with stars tweeting genocide, mass murderer, they go on the attack, how dare he get out.
The proud boys, who the left keeps attacking as a white nationalist group or white supremacist. Yet look at the group they are multicultural, vet out all racist.

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