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Biden’s Pentagon Literally Erasing Proof That Our Soldiers Sacrificed It All in Afghanistan

Biden’s Pentagon Literally Erasing Proof That Our Soldiers Sacrificed It All in Afghanistan

The Biden administration forever focused on optics, is again trying to create reality rather than living within it.

The heroic sacrifices of U.S. soldiers are being shelved to erase our humiliating defeat in Afghanistan — a collapse caused by politicians and generals, not the soldiers themselves.


According to a report in Task and Purpose, an enormous collection of Afghanistan War footage has been removed from the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service by the Pentagon.  More than 120,000 photos and 17,000 videos have been removed from the DVIDS official record.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the images were archived, so Afghans who helped the U.S. in the war will not be put in danger. The problem? A large number of the archived photos do not show any Afghan soldiers or civilians.

If you feel like you’re living in “Idiocracy,” you’re not alone.

A significant percentage of the archived images are portraits of U.S. service members on patrol and in combat.

In one example, photos showing U.S. Army soldiers in the Kandahar province are no longer on the DVIDS, though they remain in outlets like the Los Angeles Times. A significant number of archived images can still be found online.

The DVIDS houses a prodigious amount of public domain material available to the public and the press. Reporters, historians, and other interested parties help them construct reliable narratives concerning the Afghan war.

Since their victory in August, the Taliban has targeted and brutalized Afghans, from those who participated in the former government to female judges to the families of Afghans who worked for the U.S. government. There are many in Afghanistan facing grave danger to this day.

According to Kirby, the Defense Department began archiving the imagery in August and September to get Afghans out of the country. Are they so foolish as to believe that most if not all relevant DVIDS images of men and women who helped the U.S. in the war had previously been downloaded and stored elsewhere?

And what about all the archived images of U.S. Service members, many of them presumably dead or severely wounded in the war, that have compromised a total of zero Afghan soldiers or civilians? Why are they now missing from the DVIDS?

Kirby claimed that his decision was not prompted by a specific security threat but gave ample reason for the move. He also claimed the archived images would be republished at the “right time.” He didn’t give a hint as to when.

No specific threat? No timeline to republish? Is this just one more colossal blunder of an incredibly inept administration?

Many people wonder if the abrupt and disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was due to gross negligence. How about erasing American soldiers from the official historical record to rewrite history more favorable to the administration? Is this gross negligence, or is it hubris?

It’s not wise to attempt to fool reality by creating false narratives, and there’s far too much of it going on these days. Truth always wins in the end. Always. Count on it.

The Biden administration’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan will never be forgotten, no matter what lengths they may go to erase it.

Men are not gods who can create reality to their liking. To try to do so is an act of hubris.

In a representative republic, elected officials must negotiate reality to the best of their ability, not for themselves, but in the best interest of their constituents.

The U.S. troops who served bravely and with honor in Afghanistan were and are American citizens. They will not be forgotten.

Count on it.

Cross-posted from The Western Journal

Notes from the Editor

The reason for this is relatively simple, the Democrats will give lip service to our military, but in reality, they consider them beneath them because the majority of the military does not support Democrat ideology.


Because of this, the troops are seen as expendable. A means to enforce Democrat principles around the world; if a couple die, who cares. That is part of the process, nothing more.

This is why the Democrats on the far-left have continued to call to defund our military, putting our soldiers at a point of disadvantage, control how they fight wars, and make silly “woke” demands on them. This has gotten so silly now they are naming a ship after a trans activist to show their wokeness. Our leaders are insane; sadly, it looks like some of our military leaders are as well. This is demoralizing to the common soldier.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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