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Bill Legalizing Marijuana at Federal Level Passes House with Overwhelming Dem Support

Bill Legalizing Marijuana at Federal Level Passes House with Overwhelming Dem Support

The Democratic-controlled House on Friday approved a bill to decriminalize and tax marijuana at the federal level.

Opponents, mostly Republicans, called the bill a hollow political gesture.

The measure would remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances while allowing states to make their own rules on the drug.

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“For far too long, we have treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem instead of as a matter of personal choice and public health,” Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, a sponsor of the bill, said.

“Whatever one’s views are on the use of marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, the policy of arrests, prosecution, and incarceration at the federal level has proven unwise and unjust.”

A growing number of states have voted to legalize marijuana in some form.

The bill, which passed 228-164, now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate, where it is unlikely to advance. A related bill has stalled in the Senate after being approved by the House last year.

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