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Bill Maher ROASTS White Leftists Claiming to Hate Racism More Than Anyone Else Does

Bill Maher ROASTS White Leftists Claiming to Hate Racism More Than Anyone Else Does

If you’ll indulge me in biting off of @RedSteeze for a moment, he’s right about Bill Maher. There’s no in-between with him. Sometimes he’s so off base on things it’s the only laughable part of his show. Other times, he is spot on. This clip is the later case, where he unloads on the woker than thou white leftists who always claim to hate racism more and better than anyone else does. Including, a lot of times, black people.

You want to be a good ally, but not too good because then you’re being a “white savior.” Use your voice, but don’t make it about yourself, but speak up…unless it’s your time to just listen. And the silence is violence. Even though some time silence is just means someone works two jobs and has three kids. They have baby food in their shirt, not hate in their heart.

So on this, we agree. White leftists are literally the worst (see WHITE LEFTIST GETS BTFO’D LECTURING BLACK COP ON RACISM and THE WHITE GUY WHO DOES THE VOICE OF CLEVELAND ON “FAMILY GUY” QUIT, AND I GUESS THAT MEANS WE’VE CURED RACISM). White classical liberals don’t like them. White conservatives make a decent living making fun of them. Black people from across the spectrum seem to have had enough of them as well.

Quite frankly, our multicultural united eye roll towards them could be the answer. Sit down with someone from a different race than you. Break the ice by LOLing over how ridiculous white leftists are. Then crack a beer, swap stories, and find a way to solve the world’s problems.

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