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Black Lives Matter Join The PLO, Increasingly Showing Radical Bent

Black Lives Matter Join The PLO, Increasingly Showing Radical Bent

In what is not surprising, Black Lives Matter is joining hands with the PLO, supporting the radical terrorist group showing where BLM is headed and what we need to be aware of.

While I may agree that the Arabs who claim to be Palestinians have a legitimate beef, to be frank, I could care less, my sympathy for a people who support blowing up buses full of women and children, stabbing the elderly and the young indiscriminately firing tens of thousands of rockets at civilians makes it difficult for me to find any sympathy for their plight.

In the end, I could care less if they want a state; we have seen what happens with Gaza when they are given any type of independence; they turned the whole enclave into a terrorist swamp.

Yet this is who Black Lives Matter is now increasingly showing they wish to tie their hands to. I am not saying that Black Lives Matter is in the same vein of terrorist that we see the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, but what we can see is they have turned from a protest group who used to march peacefully, would say awful things, to what we have now, a group that leaves behind a path of destruction with lives lost in their wake.

In June, a substantial majority (54 percent) of Americans told pollsters they approved of the protests, but as the body count of the “mostly peaceful protests” climbed throughout the summer, that support has declined to barely over a third the Associated Press.

Americans of all political stripes were shocked and repulsed by the treatment of George Floyd, and nearly 70 percent of them said in June that they believe the George Floyd episode indicates a more significant and more profound problem with American law enforcement.

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As recently as June, a majority of Republicans supported the George Floyd protests.

No longer.

If nothing else, this shows the complete lack of knowledge of politics shows the glaring political incompetence of Black Lives Matter Leadership. They had America on their side, but rather than use this as leverage; they have turned on the people that supported them, started to tear up cities that were middle to lower class cities, attacking people that were of no concern to them, going into suburbs to bring their threats of violence there.

Instead of helping bring about more sympathy, they reinforced negative opinions, people started to turn as they saw there was no real call for reform, the demand was a privilege they were not willing to give, where crimes were excused, the police and civilians were attacked if they dared even protect themselves.

Their complaints against police have caused more hardship for the people they claim to care about; they show complete indifference towards the rise of crime in the communities they come from, as police are more and more attacked, they are brought about the Ferguson effect when the police are pulling back, no longer are they willing to put their necks out for a people who attack them no matter what they do.

Yet the truth is that the Left is not interested in police reform. If they cared, they would be offering some type of serious proposals for police reform, yet these have been few and far between over the past months; instead, we have heard idiotic calls for the abolishment of city police departments. The police are a special problem for the Left. They represent an incompatibility between the Left’s post-1960s Bill Ayers–style radicalism and the realpolitik that recognizes the police as unionized municipal employees and hence natural constituents of the Democratic Party.

The scandal of urban America is a stumbling-block for Democrats, for the apparent reason that this is pretty much exclusively their show and has been for generations. Louisville, currently convulsed by the death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of police, hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since Lyndon Johnson was in the White House. Portions of American cities were ceded to armed militias over the summer, not by Republican authorities accommodating right-wing radicals descending from the hills of Idaho but by the powers that be in impeccably progressive Seattle inviting a left-wing occupation force to set up shop in the corner of that declining city, where they promptly set about shooting a few children.

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Here is the problem, almost all these troubled cities have one common theme; they are run by Democrats. Minneapolis, Louisville, San Fransisco, Detriot, ect.; all of these have been under the boot of Democrats, yet have seen crime rise, living conditions continue to drop, so they need something to distract their citizens from what is going on, so they fall back to the tried and true Democrat rally call, RACISM.

A vague problem vaguely related to the vaguely racist actions of vaguely identified vaguely Republican people elsewhere is a much more comfortable discussion for the powers that be in Minneapolis than the question of how Minneapolis is run, who runs it, how they run it, who benefits from that, and who pays the worst social costs. One suspects that Democrats in such cities prefer the riots and arson to have that uncomfortable discussion.

We see this kind of thing all the time. San Francisco doesn’t need to abolish capitalism or eliminate “inequality” to alleviate its affordable-housing problem. Still, it does need to reform its zoning and land-use laws — something that Nancy Pelosi’s rich San Francisco friends have been fighting tooth and talon for decades. And so San Francisco pretends that San Francisco’s problems are not of San Francisco’s making, that the problem is “white privilege” or some other comfortable abstraction.

BLM could be using the Democratic Party to pursue a reform agenda; instead, the Democratic Party uses BLM to prevent the pursuit of a reform agenda. It’s always the same question: Who, whom?

BLM is pursuing a losing strategy, which is why it is losing support and setting itself up to lose entirely. What they are now doing is seeking who they can find to support their cause as they see American public support falling rapidly. So they turn to another failure, the PLO and the Palestinian cause, they can both join hands in claiming victimhood, even though most of their problems are brought on by their actions.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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