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Black Lives Matter Protestors Show Up In Suburbs, Inform People They Are Coming For Their Homes.

Black Lives Matter Protestors Show Up In Suburbs, Inform People They Are Coming For Their Homes.

No longer are the protestors out fighting for justice for George Floyd’s death, nor is this a fight for justice, they now are openly saying they will not stop until they get what they feel they deserve, your home and possessions.

No place have they become so embolden then in Democrat Controlled cities, and the worst of these is Seattle.

In Seattle this week, they made clear that not all Black Lives Matter if you have what they want, you should give up your home, your vehicle, and your property if that is what they are demanding.

This weekend the marchers showed up in the suburbs, informed citizens there that they would be wise to give up their homes now, or they would return to take them.

Remember, this is the same city, who, in the name of social justice, drove their African American Police Chief out of office, all in the name of racial equality.

We saw a couple of years ago a leader with Black Lives Matter posted that we should give up our homes, then came back with this election and told us if we did not give them up, they would take them after charging us with a hate crime after Biden was elected.

We have seen with many neighborhoods that people have had enough of this. In one where people were having a party to support police officers, Antifa showed up, was ran off after one of them knocked a marine veteran off of his wheelchair, which ended up with the residents giving a good old fashion butt whipping to the protestors.

It has been no better for Black Lives Matter, other then in liberal cities, they are quickly finding themselves now welcome, and run a serious risk of being tossed out violently if they show up.

The standards are startling, I remember how the press loved to say how violent the Detroit protestors were when they showed up with weapons, no one threatened anyone, yet we are told how violent this was. Yet protestors from Black Lives Matter and Antifa assault, shoot, loot, burn down stores, we are told how peaceful these events are, even have reporters in front of burning buildings reporting how peaceful the protestors are.

If Democrats don’t allow the police to contain this, we see more and more backlash from the communities; soon you are going to see not just these protestors violently rejected from communities where they want to protest, riot and loot, they are going to turn these interactions into bloody street fighting where lives are going to be lost on both sides.

Even cities like Minneapolis are now telling their citizens they must give in to rioters, give them what they want. How little they know America, it seems they lost sight of reality over their ideology. I don’t know about you, but if someone thinks they are going to come into my neighborhood and take what they want, they will be met with a very violent response, this is what soon much of America is going to turn into if this does not stop.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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