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Black Lives Matter Runs Amok In DC On Independence Day

Black Lives Matter Runs Amok In DC On Independence Day

Black Lives Matter protests broke out in the nation’s capital on Independence Day resulting in the highway between Washington, D.C. and Virginia being shut down.

The protesters started off Independence Day by dancing and stepping on an American flag at Black Lives Matter Plaza, chanting “fuck the Fourth of July and fuck the American flag.”

Later in the afternoon, a group burned an American flag outside of the White House while chanting “America was never great!”

They then left the park and got into a fight with Trump supporters at the Washington Monument. People fought over a pole that had a “don’t tread on me” flag, a Trump flag, and an American flag on it. The protesters screamed at police when they tried to come break up the fight, and they also got into a screaming match with Trump supporters.

Another group also began marching at Black Lives Matter Plaza, a street in front of Lafayette Square where people are holding an “Occupy H Street” protest. Tents and barriers had been set up to block off the area.

The protesters marched down I Street and turned towards the Capitol building. The group got in a stand-off with police when officers formed a line in front of the Trump hotel. Eventually, the protesters were able to make their way onto the highway, resulting in D.C. traffic coming to a total standstill.

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