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Black Lives Matter Up Attacks Against Churches, even Jesus with Chant: “F#ck Your Jesus!”

Black Lives Matter Up Attacks Against Churches, even Jesus with Chant: “F#ck Your Jesus!”

We have seen the Progressives turn further and further to the left, with this has come attacks against faith and Christianity. While the left has no problem with dragging out religion when it suites them, but they have strayed so far from the faith that they have lost what it even stands for. One of the great examples of this is when Chelsea Clinton came out and said being a Christian is what causes her to support Abortion; seems she took the saying of Jesus to “bring me the little children, sadly she, and many of the left want to do this before they are even born.

I think the part that got me the most with this is Chelsea, in her interview, says she looks at her children, and it makes her move further to support abortion. I must say, “What?”

Yet here is Chelsea, she says she sees her babies and all she thinks about is protecting abortion. Seriously, this is what you call a Christian?

One should not be surprised by this, Obama famously said that Conservatives want to hang on to their family, guns, and religion like this was something terrible; I thought our faith is what the founding fathers built this nation around.

“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Barack Obama

Hillary was no better; she openly showed disdain for people that dared to hang on to their faith, then tried to claim she was a person of faith and taught Sunday school. I must say, that is one school I would not allow my child to go to.

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We have Bernie, the new darling of the left, he shows so much disgust with faith he has turned on the faith of his people, looks down at Christians who dare hold on to their values.

Other Democrats have openly said they have to wait for my generation and the Baby boomers to die out so we can rid ourselves of people that hold on to faith, community, and our support for conservative thought.

What we see now is the left is not happy to stop here; their militia, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa are burning churches, attacking people of faith, even disrupting church services, demanding people pledge allegiance to BLM.

We are seeing an escalation as the left is now turning on faith; they see people with devotion as one of the main obstacles to what they want to achieve, this is why the hatred is growing to the rate it is now.

This hatred has grown to the point that now have Black Lives Matter marching and Chanting, “F@ck your Jesus!”

It is sad; the Black community used to be one of the most vibrant faith-oriented communities in this nation. Yet we took G-d out of our schools, then the community, churches have stripped away the Christian ideology to offend people, started to say what was wrong is now right, and wonder why the numbers in Churches are falling.

But this hatred is something more profound; this is no just a hatred of fellow Americans; this is a hatred of the faith that was very much instrumental in founding this nation.

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Today crack dealers are looked up to; being victims is more important than being set free by faith. Many times, what is worse is faith-based leaders who have little interest in faith, more in stirring up communities and taking power to themselves.

The Black Community, one that has produced great and noble people, men like George Washington Carver (the peanut man), Katherine Johnson (NASA’s human-computer), Mae C. Jemison (the first African American female astronaut), came out with great leaders like Rep. Allen West, Senator Tim Scott, economist Thomas Sowell, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and sitting on the bench in SCOTUS is Clarence Thomas.

Yet these people are no longer looked up to, for daring to succeed, many times despite what was around them, like Ben Carson, we find these people are despised, called uncle Toms, and are rejected by many within the black community. Today they want activists who chant “F@ck your Jesus, rap songs about shooting people, or professional victims like LeBron James.

I see great hope for the community, but they will continue to be held back so long as many within the community think they are victims rather than determining never to be one.

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