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Black Man Dies While Being Restrained By Police

Black Man Dies While Being Restrained By Police

Today we are seeing that four police officers were fired, a man that had previously fought them when they went to restrain them, said he was claustrophobic and fought them again when they took him out of the car, he passed out while being restrained by 4 Minneapolis police officers, he later died in the hospital.

There is a video of the police restraining the individual, but the confrontation is not shown before this all happened.

I have learned over the years when viewing a video like this, just as we saw with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the narrative usually is later tampered by the truth.

We found out later that Michael Brown had strong-armed someone before this, when the officer went to stop him he assaulted the officer, came back the second time, the officer in fear for his life shot Michael Brown. Had he submitted to the police rather than fight, he would have may have been alive today.

I need to clarify something here before people get into an outrage, I think what the police were excessive in how they restrained him, once he was cuffed up they should have sat him up.

With that being said, if the man had not fought the police, none of this would have happened in the first place.

This seems to be a pattern you see today with many within the black community. They are claiming they are afraid, so instead of dealing peacefully, they fight the police, the police have little or no choice but to escalate the situation to retain the suspect.

Too often, we are quick to judge, condemning the police, who are faced with an unruly and violent suspect for daring to restrain them; this is what the police do.

As a child, I was a wild child and had many run-ins with the police (the stupidity of adolescence), but never once was I beaten up. This could have been because I knew if I fought them while screaming, “F#$% you pig!” or something like that, I would lose the battle. It was better to deal with them with respect; they were only doing their job.

Years later worked with scared straight, would tell the kids, if you fight, you get your butts kicked, it is that simple. Show respect, they have a badge and gun, deal with it, do the crime, be a man, and do the time. Too many times, people would be offended; they would act like they were victims because they assaulted the police and responded in kind.

Today you have the African American population being taught this, not all of them. Still, enough are that the police are worried that if they go for an arrest, they know full well, it can escalate into a violent confrontation in a hurry.

When I was out today, I stopped and talked to an officer (he asked that I not give his name), he said this was precisely what they were facing. If they do nothing, people scream that they aren’t protecting and serving, but if they stop people and they fight back, they end up being painted as if they are the criminals. Many at this point are so demoralized; some are questioning if this job is even worth it.

While I think this case needs to be investigated, I personally think the officer had no need to kneel on the man until he passed out and died, I do understand there is a need to subdue when dealing with suspects that are assaulting police officers.

Maybe this is something we need some people in the African American community to stand up for, to explain to the people, take the lead, telling them to give the police their due, stop fighting, submit, and the outcome will turn out in 99.99% of the cases peacefully.

I know some are going to scream racist over this, go ahead, could care less, have been told I am a racist and antisemitic for years now for daring to support Trump. I usually laugh at their stupidity. I am Jewish. People think if they scream racist, they will not have to listen to the truth.

Speaking the truth is not racist; it is merely telling the truth. The truth doesn’t care about your race; it is only concerned about factually stating something. If you take it as racist, that is on you, not the truth.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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