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Black Lives Join 1804 Movement, Exposing The Hate

Black Lives Join 1804 Movement, Exposing The Hate

We have seen signs of people holding a banner that reads “1804 Movement” at Black Lives Matter Rallies, but what is this?

1804 is a day that was held high in the minds of Haitians; when the Haitians rose in mass under French rule, threw off slavery, at least this is the picture we are all being told, but there is much more to it than this.

After the Haitians had declared independence, they then turned on whites living in their midst; from January 1804 until April of that year, they went from house to house, tortured, and killed every white person they could get their hands on. It did not matter if they were young, babies, elderly, women, they all came under the knife in that revolution [1].

When you see Black Lives Matter rallies, they aren’t speaking of freedom from oppression when they carry these signs; they are talking about slaughtering the white people and setting up sovereignty.

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These are popping up all over the protests, yet most of the young white youths ignorantly marching with this have no clue what this quote stands for.

We can go further, in Martha McCallum Interview with Black Lives Matter Leader Hawk Newsom on June 25 we heard Hawk Newsom proceed to justify violence, but you have to listen more carefully. He starts off talking about self-defense, but he exposes the real intent of Black Lives Matter in his interview. In the interview, he said if Blacks don’t get what they demand, they must “burn it down.” What is “it”? That would be this nation, the leadership, something the other leaders have been very vocal about.

After going off on the new claims by Blacks that somehow Jesus was black, which he wasn’t, he was Semitic. It seems these people have ignored genetic testing on both ancient Egyptians and Hebrews, where they found less than 6% of their Genetic code had Sub-Saharan DNA markers in them, but these people continue to demand we accept that Jesus was black [2]. What is more, you now have people within the movement demanding “White Jesus” statues and stained windows be taken down. I wonder, would they be acceptable if we demanded the same “Black Jesus” statues since he was not black either?

I have no issue with a White, Asian, Black, or Hispanic Jesus. People picture Him for how they most closely associate with, so a black Jesus is more comfortable to an African American, a White to White people, and so on.

What he goes on to say is rather chilling statement before the interview was over:

I just want black liberation and black sovereignty by any means necessary.

This is why you are seeing the Haiti 1804 signs popping up; this has nothing to do with equality, seeking justice, what the leaders are telling us they want sovereignty, to put whites in the same positions blacks were in until the civil war. One just needs to look to South Africa to see how this is working out.

Here we have white people pledging allegiance to Black People. Not only is a revolution in effect, but you also have people stupid enough to give their loyalty to this, a group of people who hate them.

But it is going further, the black activist are actively marching, saying their goal, as Hawk Newsome stated, to seek sovereignty, in other words, to put whites in chains because it is payback time.

What we are looking at is a desire to bring apartheid to America, not against blacks, rather against whites.

Ironically, people holding banners up saying they want racism to end, yet the banner they are all standing behind is racist as they come.

Education is key to what is before us; this whole revolution has nothing to do with equality; even one of the founders admitted this. It is ongoing to remove Trump and do so before our elections in November.

We have the Marxist leaders of Black Lives Matter moving to force their social agenda on the US. We have been warned for years now that this was going to happen, we chose to ignore it while this message was preached in the schools, now are surprised when this is coming to pass [3].

What we are seeing has nothing to do with George Floyd, he was simply a catalyst, we have Black Radical Activist pushing the crowds to cause rioting, not to achieve equality, this is a means for them to spread anarchy to push this government to the bring, then overthrow it. If you listen to them, they are very vocal about this, but it seems so absurd that most are ignoring this, figuring they mean something else, they don’t.
We heard this from BLM Leader Hawk Newsom.

Others are calling openly for the shooting of police, here is a leader in Portland:

This is not new, the difference is you see this back years ago, what is more surprising, they claim that Tea Party activist are violent, said that these people should be banned, but now this is fine, I guess once more we see a change of judgment if we are dealing with white vs. blacks.

We need to demand our leaders, which goes all the way to our president, that they deal with these people the same way would deal with an outside source doing the same thing in the US. We all know if China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia had actors doing this in America, there would be no time to watch before authorities were called in. People would be arrested, and their photos splashed all over the internet. America is getting tired of this; we want this acted on, waiting for this to calm down is not what is needed. We need to do what must be done to clear this up.

The 1804 call is about white genocide, the creation of a nation where Blacks are in power, and whites who survive are second class citizens. As time goes on we see this is the real agenda of Black Lives Matter.

  1. Jeremy D. Popkin (2010-02-15). Facing Racial Revolution: Eyewitness Accounts of the Haitian Insurrection. University of Chicago Press. pp. 363–364. ISBN978-0-226-67585-5. Retrieved 2013-07-24.

As a rule I shy away from using Quora as a source, but when you read the article, you see the reference to genetic testing from Medical journals that support the claims.

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