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BLM Accused of Fundraising for Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Bail

BLM Accused of Fundraising for Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Bail

In the wake of the gruesome murders in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where six people died, and dozens more were injured, police have identified Darrell Brooks as a lead suspect.  Brooks was released on bail of $1,000 leading up to the butchery in Waukesha, despite an extensive criminal history including violent crimes and being a Tier 2 sex offender in the state of Nevada.  His bail has been set at $5 million while awaiting trial for his alleged role in the Waukesha massacre.  Reports have emerged that the Milwaukee Branch of Black Lives Matter is attempting to fundraise for Brooks’ bail.  RT Reports

“A Milwaukee Black Lives Matter GoFundMe page claims to be raising $5 million for a nonprofit bail organization. It comes days after GoFundMe shut down a BLM fundraiser for Darrell Brooks, the suspect in a Waukesha car attack.”

Twitter users questioned the timing as well as the dollar amount set for the fundraiser, believing it to be questionable considering Brooks’ bail is also set at $5 million.


“Why is the Milwaukee branch trying to raise $5,000,000 … the exact amount of bond needed for #WaukeshaMassacre perpetrator Darrell Brooks???” Questioned one user.  After the fundraising effort came under scrutiny, the amount was reduced to $4,000,000.

The organizer behind the fundraising page, Holly Zoller, has been involved in controversial activism.  Zoller was accused of handing out riot gear to members of Antifa to assist in rioting in Louisville after a jury acquitted most of the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case.  Last week, GoFundMe pulled a page attempting to fundraise for Brooks bail after it violated their terms of service, prohibiting users from fundraising for someone accused of a violent crime.

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Notes from the Editor

We know that if the roles were reversed, like with the SUV that plowed into a group of BLM protestors in Minnesota this year, or as one did last year in California, the outrage would be off the charts. Yet there is no word from the liberal press in condemnation over BLM raising funds to help this man who purposefully drove his SUV into a Christmas parade, killing 6 (as of now).


The double standards of the press of BLM, while not surprising, are astounding.

We need to demand or use boycotts to demand that the press, its advertisers hold everyone to the same standards. Enough is enough.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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