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BLM Leader Bombed U.S. Senate In 1983, Pardoned By Bill Clinton

BLM Leader Bombed U.S. Senate In 1983, Pardoned By Bill Clinton

We have heard the outrage, never has the Capital been invaded, where threats were made against our legislators lives, but is this true?

Turns out this narrative is false, the Democrats have once more turned their back on history, where a communist set a bomb off in the US Senate in a attempt to kill Republicans.


The explosion, which took place just outside the Senate chamber, also blew the door off Democrat Leader Robert Byrd’s office.

Byrd was once an “Exalted Cyclops” in the KKK and was a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Yet this is the party that wants to continue to browbeat the GOP as being the true racists.

So, why would Bill pardon a pair of domestic terrorists who nearly killed his dear friend?

A 1983 report by the Washington Post says the bomb also tore apart “the Republican Cloakroom.”

“An explosion left piles of rubble just outside the doors to the Senate chamber, blowing out a wall partition and windows, ripping through the Republican Cloakroom, and damaging several works of art on the second floor. The bomb appeared to have been placed on or under a window well seat in a corridor leading to the Senate chamber,” the article explained.

The estimated damage cost was $1 million… in 1983!

The people convicted for committing the attack, Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg, each only served 16 years of their sentences.

The women were a part of a group called M19 that was “an offshoot” of the communist Weather Underground of the 1970s.

“The Weatherman” are connected to Barack Obama via Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Ayers even joked about being the ghostwriter of Obama’s autobiography “Dreams of My Father.”

Smithsonian Magazine reported, “Over the course of a 20-month span in 1983 and 1984, M19 also bombed an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, and the South African consulate in New York, D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard (which they hit twice.)”

Currently, Rosenberg serves as the vice-chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents.

According to Thousand Currents’ website, the group “provides the legal and administrative framework to enable BLM to fulfill its mission.”


It turns out, if you are a communist, or someone that tries to kill Republicans at a softball practice, this is swept under the rug, no one blames Bernie for what his follower did, but they then all demand that they have the right to blame all of Trump supporters for what 50 to 100 people did. Further, as time is going on, we are finding security, Homeland Security knew that this was in the works, there were some bad actors, yet they did nothing, they wanted the optics, they knew they were safe.

I am a huge fan of second chances, believe people can change, that is what at times can be so beautiful of the human condition, the change that happens as people grow up. But if one continues to keep the same company, one does have a right to ask, “Did this person really change, or is he simply changing how he presents himself?”

We are once more seeing the Democrat double standards at play, we know if someone was involved with something like this from the GOP when they were younger, the Democrats would protest and howl to the sky, how dare this person be given a second chance. No place is this more evident in the destruction of lives and careers over what someone said 20 – 30 years ago, something said when people were children, still finding their way, that is unforgivable if you are a Conservative, but they demand we not do this when it comes to them.

Americans need to stop listening to the narrative the press is pushing, then need to brush up on their history.

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