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Blue States To Strike Trump From Their Ballots

Blue States To Strike Trump From Their Ballots

If one can say nothing else good about the Democrats, you have to admit that they are tenacious and refuse to give up when it comes to ridding themselves of Trump, the latest move is their trying to strike Trump from their 2020 Primary ballots.

One has to wonder, since the constitution, not the states dictate the qualifications for president, how can a state, with their current moves, demanding that a candidate release their last five years of taxes or not be able to be placed on their ballot stand? I have a strong feeling that this will go before the courts, most likely in an expedited manner, after all, ballots have to be printed, and the high court, like many of the other leftist moves will overturn.

We heard in the above speech California’s governor claiming that they were leading the way, that in the same manner, the federal law fixed that a president could only serve two terms (22nd Amendment), and after JFK and Robert Kennedy served as President and AG; the federal government added a law (5 U.S. Code § 3110) which prohibited the President or any federal elected official from assigning family members to leadership posts.

But here lies the problem, this was never done by a state, this was done by the federal government, the reason this is not being done at the national level is the Democrats don’t control the Senate, most likely will not in 2020 either; by that time the 2020 election will be over, their impetuous to rid themselves of Trump for a second term will be over, he will either be serving four more years or we will have a new Command in Chief.

We have seen since Trump ran for office, the none stop attacks against him, the promise by Obama at the Rose Garden that there was no way for Russia to change or interfere with the election, then when the shocking event of his election happened, they all changed their tune.

Things did not stop there, even before the electoral votes were case, the Democrats and Hollywood combined to put a video out to beg the electoral voters to change their vote, to tie things up so congress, not the intended way, would decide the election, that failed as well.

We heard collusion, were told by Shift and others; they had the proof, the smoking gun was in their hand, they knew this was going to get Trump impeached, then no smoking gun, no collusion, five investigations later, years of wasted time, nothing, so they had to move on.

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Next was the move to question the president’s mental state, maybe they could invoke the (25th Amendment), but this was as silly as some during Obama’s term suggesting they remove Obama and much of their party due to their mental condition is known as progressivism (if only one could).

We then heard that Trump should be removed for obstruction, but Mueller admitted under oath he was never restricted, Trump never interfered with anyone he wanted to interview, including his own children. This failed as well, although the Democrats are still hoping that something might be, may be, could be still done with this.

They went on then to demand impeachment for other high crimes and misdemeanors, but ask them what are these crimes, you get different answers, some say he is too rude, others that he is a racist, others scream it must be his anti-Semitism. This is actually the most interesting, due to the vagueness of this, the Democrats just makeup whatever they want, then yell this is enough grounds to impeach.

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We are finally on what is turning out to be the next thing out of their deep bag of tricks, have the states remove Trump from their ballots, if he does not win the primaries, then they don’t have to put him on their election ballots. One has to wonder, since only GOP members can vote in the primaries, although I am willing to bet you will see lines of leftist voters voting, what if Trump wins as a write in candidate in all these states, then what will they do?

This has gone from the petty, to the outlandish, not it is just absurd, when does this stop, and why should we be subjugated to this on a daily bases? It is time for us to get out, on every level in the elections, to remove these petty, vindictive politicians, put someone in that does not suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and put someone in that actually cares about running this nation.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this sniveling and whining from the left.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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